If you haven’t heard of Dj.AyCE International by now (as of today) then I really don’t know where you been or what you’ve been listening to. A few years ago while attending a Solecon sneaker event, I had the pleasure of meeting Dj. AyCE International. What I didn’t know was that he was related to one of the owners of for whom I blog for and I have to say that ever since that day I have been so happy and blessed to have befriended him. He is the most real, funny, intelligent individual you may ever get to know and what I admire about him the most is that he tells it like it is but in a hilarious way and he is a man of many talents! What talents you may ask? Well that will have to wait for another segment but for now just know that he is a TRUE DJ (think about old school dj’s that used to battle back in the day), a turntablist, producer, visual artist, and a creative entrepreneur. He spins rare grooves, soul, old school hip hop, classics, break beats and pure honey blends just to name a few and he is pretty damn good at it. So when he mentioned to me that part of the video to the music CD he was about to release was to be posted soon, I had to look out for it and see it for myself!

Well that day has finally arrived and I have to say that it is pretty damn awesome compared to most of the music that has been coming out on the airwaves. You gotta hear it for yourself and then let me know what you think about it. Check out part of the AMAZING video below and hit up his Youtube site and subscribe because I know his isn’t finished shocking us with his talents quite yet…check it!


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