Cannes has been around since 1946 and although I wasn’t around for most of the previous years presentations, they haven’t changed much except for the new generation of actors and celebrities in the mix. Never has an emphasis on fashion been so obvious as today’s Cannes, how did this happen? I truly haven’t the slightest clue but check out the pic of Jane Mansfield below. It looks as if she is having the time of her life without a care in the world, she looks relaxed and she doesn’t look like fashion is even a problem at Cannes. She was amazingly beautiful! No wonder she’s an American Icon.

Will the Cannes film festival even think of returning to what it used to be or is it better the way it is today? You decide and comment below…


Jane Mansfield at Cannes (1958)

So just like the other synonymous celebrity driven events, Cannes is no less immune to the scrutiny of fashion faux pas and fashion critics. In this post I bring you worst dressed picks of this event. I seriously wonder what kind of celebrity stylist in the world dresses these celebrities and lets them walk out in public looking like they jumped in a bucket of randomly put together dresses. I mean just because its Couture really doesn’t mean that its fit for anyone to wear – it just isn’t you! Why force it! Check out my worst dress picks that led me to say “Girl ! Who in the world was dressing you?”


Sofia Coppola wearing Valentino, too plain and boring in my opinion!


Chloe Moretz wearing Chanel. She looks like a peacock with all them damn feathers. Not liking this one at all!


Juliette Binoche – not liking these rocker bottoms. They look horrid with the baginness in the crotch area, not cute. Love the tops though!


Charlotte Gainsbourg wearing a Louis Vuitton dress – the pattern is just all wrong and Holy shiznit its really see thru! No, I don’t think so Charlotte!


Cara Delavingne wearing Chanel Couture – I love Cara but she really needs to smile and start taking a good look in the mirror. This doesn’t do this beautiful model justice at all!


Berenice Bejo in Alexis Mabille – what an ugly dress, the top is just plain and boring with those hideous buttons. But to top it all off suede, Yuck!


Milla Jovovich, too much gold and too many sequins!


Rosario Dawson wearing Roksanda Illincic and Casadei heels – not sure what makes this outfit odd, the color or the style? This one’s a miss!


Marion Cotillard wearing a Dior Couture dress – Omg, Marion! What in the hell were you thinking? Those shoes are hideous too.


Jessica Chastain in a Chanel tweed dress – don’t like this design or pattern it looks like a bath robe.


Marion Cotillard wearing a Maison Martin Margiela Haute Couture short dress – I believe this looks really uncomfortable and if its made of all buttons or embellishments then its got to be heavy!


Julianne Moore in a Chanel Couture gown – what an ugly feathered dress, Yuck!


Eva Longoria wearing Vionnet – that slit and the turtleneck is just awkward looking


Sofia Copploa wearing Michael Kors – looks really matronly!


Livia Firth at a Chopard Backstage Party – the top half of this jumpsuit is just looking horrible on her!


Mia Wasikowska wearing Valentino – these colors are really not meshing together here!


Melanie Laurent wearing a red and black chiffon dress by Maxime Simoens – she needs to fire her stylist asap!


Hilary Swank in a tri colored Bottega Veneta dress – that “tri color” isn’t having me say …Yes!


Zoe Saldan in an Etro dress – don’t like this one because it looks like a window curtain with lots of yellow and black flower print!

Thanks for reading and I hope you’ve enjoyed this post or loathed some of these looks like I did. I truly think that these actresses could have dressed in more appropriate Cannes Chic dresses. Who are their stylists (if they have any) and “What Were They Thinking?”

Stay tuned for the next part of this series, there’s more where this came from – hope you come back for more of my picks for worst dressed celebrities at Cannes!



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