Christian Louboutin Gortika, $1,195.00

Why is Christian Louboutin so revered in our current society of the haves vs the have nots? I love Stilleto’s just as much as the next shoelover but this obsession with having a pair or two of Louboutins has just gone too far for me.  I truly speak for the have nots because I do not have 495.00 and I certainly don’t have 4,000 dollars! So can you see where I’m coming from? I sure do hope you can relate because I think I’m not the only one that has to ask, “How much are those Louboutins in the window?” or better yet do I sarcastically have to ask, “Can I afford to give an arm, leg, lung, and eyeball” in order to have the Red Soled bottoms. I sure as hell don’t think so, as I see many other shoe designers that are coming out with beautiful shoes that in my opinion are just as amazing as the one’s that insanely rich celebrities are wearing on their feet today.


Christian Louboutin ‘Pina Spike’, $1,045.00


Its clear to me that we live in a society of wants vs needs and that to me seems so ridiculous and selfish. If you can afford it more power to ya but if your in that percentile that cannot afford to splurge on Mr Louboutin – why even bother? Look around you – there is so much more to beautiful heels than those 5oo dollars pair of shoes you wanna buy all for the sake of “fitting in” or “being popular.”  Why follow a trend when you can be happy being an actual individual, be a leader not a follower! Congrats to you if you can afford Mr. Lou but shame on you if your spending the money you don’t have in order to make Mr. Lou an even happier Billionaire.

In this post I am preaching to those that believe that in order to decorate your feet and feel beautiful you must have a ridiculously expensive pair of shoes on your feet. Let me inform you that you are wrong, take a look at the following pics of shoes that I absolutely adore and best of all they won’t set your wallet or checkbook on fire…check it out!


Here is one of my favorite, favorite, shoe designers – oh and did I mention he customizes? Yes he does and these shoes won’t be 4,000 I can tell you that much. Check out his webpage above for more shoe designs. I’m sure you will find a pair that you love and absolutey have to have!


Betsey Johnson Belle Pumps, $49.95


Calvin Klein to me is considered a very prestigious high end designer and he won’t break the bank at just $79.99


Jessica Simpson platform sandals, $86.39 with free shipping available


Isola ‘Barina’ Sandals, $58.96


Vince Camutto ‘Ondetti’ Sandal, $79.02


Steve Madden ‘Deeny R’ pumps, Steve always makes affordable shoes that are really cute and stylish. Can’t go wrong with Mr. Madden. $74. 96 with free shipping


Jessica Simpson ‘Jasmint’, $60.99 – Jessica is also a fabulous affordable choice and she really does amaze me with her immense collection of shoe designs, something for everyone!


Michael Antonio Tipton, $40 – never heard of this designer but this shoe is really beautiful!


 Heart Soul ‘Georgina’ Wedge Gladiator Sandal, $46.86

After seeing all of these beautiful shoes, would you still prefer the Louboutins or would you rather just go with what “calls to you” and says, “buy me?” I would rather go with a shoe that calls to me or a shoe that I really want to buy because its beautiful not because its trending. I don’t know about you but I would rather be a leader and not a follower! Hmmm? I think thats why I have such weird taste when it comes to fashion. But its okay, I like to set my own standards and be who I really want to be not who everyone else want me to be. Individuality is what makes us all beautiful and I really, really, like it that way. Comments?

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