[Peter Strateas, Mario Lucca-Carlucci]

This year at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Australia there were two fairly new Aussie designers who won the Tiffany & Co. National Designer Award. They are known as STRATEAS.CARLUCCI.

Founded in 2012, Strateas.Carlucci is a collaboration between Peter Strateas and Mario-Lucca Carlucci. They’re an Australian based fashion design team that are creating a uniquely artistic fashion design label that is different from the rest of the fashion scene. In their designs you get to visualize art that is combined with a sense of mystery and love that will create a feeling of want and desire to obtain at least one piece from their amazing collection. But this dual designer team are not the new kids on the block, they had been creating and designing for street wear label Mashpee years before launching their own designs at the Aussie Fashion Week. In an unusual move for designers that are premiering their designs for the first time, they decided to begin their journey presenting their line in Paris instead of unveiling their line in their native Australia. This move proved to be very successful for the duo and their hard work is currently being noticed worldwide.

These designers are amazing not just because they put forth designs that are pleasingly beautiful to our eyes but because so much attention to detail is evident in their designs. Every piece of the Strateas.Carlucci collection is limited and numbered and they also use genuine Australian skins/fabrics that are native to the country such as Merino wool and Kangaroo hide. Also, every piece of fabric is carefully and meticulously supervised at each stage of the selection and production process. Some of their collections can have as few as 10 pieces and most of these can be scattered amongst collectors from all over the world. Now that to me is impressive and the attention to detail is just so amazing!

In my opinion, their designs are to die for and I will be keeping a close eye on this duo for more news on what they are working on for next season. So far I’m really excited and seeing their current designs I know I will not be disappointed one bit. Congrats to you, Strateas.Carlucci on your nomination and successful win! You deserve the recognition!

Take a look at some of my favorite pieces from the their collection below….


This coat paired with that shirt underneath is just to die for, Ughhhh, so chic!


Love this look and the models hat and pose makes the look even more stunning


Once again, congrats to you Peter and Mario! You deserve it!


Menswear Collection


I want this particular piece, its beautiful. So light and fresh for this summer!


This coat is beautiful! Its looks amazing on the model with all the light highlighting the shimmery sparkles!


So Chic and SEXY!


The menswear collection pieces are amazing!


The tailored look is always in style!


I wish I could put this picture in a frame, this photo merits its own space in my abode. Thats how stunning it really is.


Love this sweater!


So mysterious yet lovely!


If you would like to see and know more about this designer visit their website here – There you will find even more of their stunning designs and learn more about this incredible design team.

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