I have mentioned in some of my blog posts that I am appreciative of the people that I meet in this new chapter of my life. I feel so excited and am so eager to learn from every experience along the way. While attending a photoshoot in New York City, I had been introduced to a phenomenal photographer named Steven Bagley. I didn’t know who he was until I was told that he has photographed major models and celebrities, now I was intrigued. The rich and famous fly him all over the world to be photographed and his work does not lie, he also specializing in photographing the most beautiful women using natural light and his surroundings.  He has also won Model Mayhem’s Photographer of the year, now thats a huge accomplishment, congrats to you Steven – well deserved. I have seen his amazing photos and they are truly works of beauty and art. Heck, I even want to purchase one of his photos so that I can frame it and hang it in my bedroom, thats how amazing his work is. He has a vision and he produces the most amazing photographs I have ever laid my eyes upon.

Who is this phenomenal photographer? Steven Bagley was born in Philadephia in a family of photography lovers. He left home at the age of 19 to travel and in Rome he studied to become a film editor and worked as an assistant film editor for NDR in Hamburg and Radio Bremen in Germany. He currently lives in New York City where he works from his midtown Manhattan studio. He also has access to his rooftop so that means amazingly beautiful Manhattan backdrops with beautiful models. Check out the pictures below, these do no lie!

Siray Kong

 Siray Kong

April Thornton

(Above) Model:Apryl Thornton – She’s beautiful! 

Hair and Makeup: David Stella Traylor

Laree Starke

Model: Laree Starke – Beautiful face! 

Steven Bagley4

Model: KariJo Goodwin – Sexy!! 

Steven Jennifer Lynn

Model: Jennifer Lynn – She has the body and the looks, stunning! 

Steven Karin Kamala Agstam

Model: Karim Kamala Agstam – I had the privilege of seeing her photoshoot she’s just as beautiful in person! 

Steven Nihan

Model: Nihan Arpacayir – This is one of my favorite photos! 

Steven Noella Diaz

Model: Noella Diaz – I love this lady, she has a unique look to her! 

Steven Veronica LaVery

Model: Ermina Mila – Amazing! 

Hair and Makeup Artist: Emina Mila

Model: Veronica LaVery – I love black and white photography, I find it so beautiful! 


Model: Elmira Minnakhmetova – Stunning! 

Hair Makeup: Vjolica Broca


Model: KariJo Goodwin – Check out this rooftop pic and her face, Lord! 


Miss New Jersey: Jennifer Lynn – She has a pretty smile! 


Model: Jennifer Lynn – Those eyes! 


Model: Heidi Fahrenbach – This pic is amazing! 


Model: Keely Bellamy – Those eyes are mesmerizing! 


Beautiful, just beautiful!


Model: Veronica LaVery – She has a unique look! 


This black and white photo is amazing, great job Steven! 


Steven Bagley, an amazing, talented photographer!

Now what do you think of his work! Amazing right? This man is so talented and he is such a professional at what he does that even the models at a photoshoot that I was invited to were feeling so comfortable in their environment. Now that should tell you what kind of person he is. He is always smiling, is very polite, and accommodating. So if your ever in NYC and want to do a photoshoot with him for whatever occasion it may be, get ahold of him. I recommend him for all your photo needs and from the looks of his work its so worth it! Check out the links below for more info on his work and how to contact him…







Jay Godfrey - Presentation - Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Fall 2014

Omg, omg, omg…my dream has come true after so many years of wishing, talking, and dreaming about it. The day has finally come! I have finally been invited to Mercedes Benz Fashion Week. I am so happy, excited, well you get the picture LOL!

Yesterday I was out and about doing errands (hence the late post, my apologies) and I always check my emails and to my surprise I got an email invitation to Jay Godfrey’s fashion show at the Hudson Hotel. I couldn’t believe it, I even dropped what I was doing to check and recheck the email just to make sure it wasn’t a spoof or spam. But Oh No it was a real invite with RSVP and everything. So of course, I am going and I’m gonna feel like this for a few days until then. So let me tell you a little about this awesome designer, Jay Godfrey!

Jay Godfrey is a New York based designer who realized he wanted to become a designer while working at Hugo Boss. He studied finance at Montreals McGill University in order to have a good solid background in business and accounting. When he graduated he headed to Wall Street where he worked at Citicorp. While working there, his determination to create a collection of his own led him to attend Parsons School of Design. There he interned with Oscar de la Renta where he perfected his style and design technique. This experience helped him figure out who the “Jay Godfrey” woman was.

Having been in the business a few years, Godfrey has thus created quite a celebrity following. Some of the celebrities that have worn his designs include Leighton Meester, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Eva Mendez, Jennifer Lopez, Angie Harmon, Emma Stone, Eva Langoria and Petra Nemcova. He has also been featuring in some of the most amazing publications such as WWD, Elle, Cosmopolitan, and the New York Post.

I am so excited and can’t tell you how much. I know his show will be fantastic! I have included some pictures of his past designs so that you, my readers, can get acquainted with this fabulous designer.

cvdWhat beautiful designs, I love it!


Strapless Hi-Lo Dress such a beautiful vibrant green!


Contrast Silk Kimono, I love this top!


Love this blue print!


Khloe Kardashian in a lovely Godfrey design!


My favorite colors, I love this outfit!


Red is so my favorite color, this dress is amazing!

I love Jay Godfrey’s designs, they’re made for the modern woman that loves lots of vibrant color and isn’t worried about what others may think of their style. As for me I am totally a Jay Godfrey follower and I totally can see myself in his designs in the future. I wish this amazing designer much successs – you truly deserve it! Happy Shopping Everyone!



Its a little cooler today and I’m feeling a little beside myself because summer is almost on its last leg in my neck of the woods. If you live in a four seasonal weather area like me then its a great excuse to go shopping but if not then your so lucky as you get to use your warm weather duds all year round (Uhh, I’m so jealous of you LOL.)

Today I wanted to bring you some of my ultimate favorite looks for Fall 2014. If you need an excuse to dismiss your self control in  shopping then this is it. Preview these beautiful designs and lose yourself in the jealousy of eye candy, I know I totally did!


Armani Prive: Love the sleeves on this coat!


Atelier Versace: I’m in dress envy mode!


Christian Dior – I want this dress!


Giambattista Valli – that coat!!!


Elie Saab -beautiful!

Zuhair Mirad

Zuhair Murad – This color just jumps out at you, stunning!


Schiaparelli – This look is everything!

Bouchra Jarrar

Bouchra Jarrar – Love the pantsuit, the model looks amazing!


Masion Martin Margiela – So eclectic and fun!


Valentino – this is definitely chic!


Armani Prive – this is a beautiful coat for special occasions but knowing me I would want to wear it everywhere!


Versace Prive – I love the silver details on the dress – so sexy!


Versace Prive – Here’s that blue color again, its beautiful!

I hope that these looks will give you some inspiration and a healthy dose of eye candy envy! I myself would love to buy every single piece I posted but thats very impossible and I gather it would be for most of you also. So for now gather up your thoughts and mix/match a few items and shop for the pieces that you think would be a must have in your closet. If you can’t afford to splurge on a piece take a picture of the items on your shopping trip with you and match it as closely as you can to the original. There are always alternatives to the couture look that you want on the racks, you just have to do some serious searching. If you can’t find the item or just choose not to go through the hassle of fashion searching then you can always do it online. I personally love shopping online than brick and mortar because its always a surprise when that delivery comes in. So go ahead and lose yourself in the thrill of it all, I think its so worth it! Don’t you?

Happy Shopping My Friends!



This Tuesday I took a much needed bloggers break, yup – I actually did. I took time off from social media, reading my infinite amount of magazines, and the constant checking important emails and phone calls to head off for the day with a few friends of mine to the beautiful state of New Hampshire. We actually had an invitation to a friends house who is now living the beach life over there. It was a very convenient invite as she only lives minutes away from Hampton Beach in New Hampshire. I have been to this beach before and till this day I still say its one of the most beautiful beaches in the state.


This beach is so beautiful and there was ample space for beachgoers


Condos are being built by the beach but as I was told they were too expensive, Oh and those seagulls are just too cute!


Here they are again, these birds were everywhere!


This one was fascinated by me or my phone, he kept getting closer and closer!


Me and my friend, I cropped her out on purpose as she chose to remain anonymous – Ughhh my hair look horrible here LOL!


There were more people on the beach but we opted for a more minimal quiet spot!


He inched a little closer in order for me to get this pic….loved watching these little creatures!


Heres a whole group of them but this lil guy is the only one that wanted my attention!


Hi, Its me relaxing!


Shameless selfie with a little sun in my eyes shining through the clouds!

Soon after the picture above we had all decided to take the trip to an exclusive upscale neighborhood via another friend that joined us and was willing to show us around for a little while. She’s also living the beach life and is building a home from the ground up in an exclusive part of Rye, New Hampshire just minutes from the beach. But for now she rents a Spanish Villa for $3,500 a week until her house is totally finished. God, 3,500 a week times how many weeks? Well, you do the math LOL.  From what she stated the Villa belongs to a brain surgeon that has 7 kids and only uses the house for about 2 months out of the year. In the meantime he rents it to people that want an exclusive mansion near the beach available for certain times of the year.

This mansion was gorgeous, elaborately decorated, and enormous. I totally felt like I was in an episode of MTV Cribs! From the elaborate granite counters, winding staircase, white glove kitchen, huge master bedroom that could fit my house alone in this room and the beautiful bathroom with a jet tub and stand up shower with marble tiles. I mean – lord have mercy, this mansion was seriously mesmerizing me. I forgot to take a picture of the outside but the inside was beautiful enough to make up for this loss.  I must admit that I had a tinge of jealousy in the works but then I got over it and felt privileged to even step in one these mansion.  See the pics below…


Here’s the stair case you see as soon as you walk in, I love the ironwork and that chair is so comfy!


Glass Sink in Bathroom


Formal Dining Room


I love those pillars leading to the other wing of the house !


Formal Living Room


More Comfy Chairs


Beautiful Kitchen

*on to the second floor*


Beautiful Oak Staircase!


View from the top of the stairs at the front door


Beautiful Crystal Chandelier


Cute scroll rod painting hanging on the wall in the hallway


Better view of that beautiful window and chandelier


Master Bedroom, this room was three times the size of my bedroom!


Fireplace in the bedroom with two Juliette balconies


The master bath

photo 1

Better view with lights on


Master Bath: Marble shower with intricate and numerous shower heads


Beautiful white soaking Jacuzzi Tub


This bathroom was in one of the numerous spare bedrooms off of the master

I’m so upset that I couldn’t take pictures of the other wing of the mansion as the battery to my phone had just died after taking the last picture above. That alone teaches me to at least bring my smaller camera so that I can take numerous pictures without having the battery run out so quickly. But I think that you get the idea from the pics above of what this elaborate abode really looked like so you can probably imagine what the other wing of the looked like also.

Oh and I forgot to mention that her neighbor was Dan Brown! Yes indeed! The author of The DaVinci Code and Angels and Demons was her next door neighbor. Now I couldn’t see his house from where we were. His house was so far in from the road and surrounded by lots of trees but I wish I could have seen him or at least gotten a small glimpse of his house. She also stated that Adam Sandler has a house in that area also but we didn’t go searching for it as she wasn’t sure where it was. It was an exciting day for sure and I enjoyed every minute of it.  It’s not every day that this happens to me so I really appreciated and took advantage of the opportunity given. I’ve been so fortunate to have such amazing friends, I really enjoyed myself and learned so much on this day but most of all I really enjoyed the downtime and tranquility of the day. I love what I do but there comes a time when you need the quiet and tranquility to reflect and gather your thoughts and this has been it. This felt amazingly good…on to the next adventure! Peace, Love, and Serenity to all of my readers!!



Gucci has been an iconic name in fashion and style since I was in junior high school. I remember going to school and walking the hallways to class and seeing most of the well to do kids in my area rocking this signature brand. The guys rocked the Gucci leather backpacks and the girls flaunted their amazingly beautiful handbags. I always admired the goods but what I most loved about the Gucci brand at the time was their signature colors of red and green stripes on a piece of web fabric. I also loved that they put that double “G” in as if to say – here is your glamour stamp of approval, you’ve been officially Guccifyed! This “glamour stamp of approval” as I called it just made my desire to somehow obtain one of these beautiful handbags even more intense.


Gucci Vintage Doctors Bag circa 1980’s

To my disappointment, upon asking a friend of mine, “I wonder how much those pretty handbags cost and where can I get one?” she responded very flatly, “forget about it, only the rich kids in this school can afford things like that and we aren’t rich!” Still to this day, with me being a huge handbag lover that hasn’t stopped me from admiring this beautiful brand and its signature look.

As of today I honestly cannot afford an authentic Gucci bag but I love to see what new items they come up with every season. This season the colors are shockingly beautiful and out of this world. But don’t my word for it, have a look at this seasons beautiful colors in the pics below..


Bright Diamond White Leather Top Handle Bag


Bright Diamante Leather Bucket Bag

leopard print

Leopard Print Calf Hair Top Handle Bag


Jackie Soft Python Top Handle Bag


Jackie Soft Crocodile Hobo

Burgundy Mini Chain

Soho Metallic Leather Mini Chain Bag


 Fucsia Bamboo Shopper Tote


Lady Lock Python Handle Bag


Bamboo Shopper Leather Boston Bag


Black Soho Leather Clutch


Online Exclusive: Metallic Leather Tote


Purple Nouveau Fringe Leather Python Shoulder Bag


Bamboo Fringe Shopper Suede Tote


Soft Stirrup Ostrich Shoulder Bag – I have an Ostrich bag and its amazing! I would buy this one if I had the mean LOL!


Gucci Nouveau Python Clutch, Love that python pattern with the red color!

Okay, there’s so much more on their site to see and many more styles so go to and check it all out! Hope you enjoyed this post…more to come stay tuned!




Palace Of Versailles in France

 I have never been to the Palace of Versailles in France but from what I have read about it, its seriously beautiful! From its opulent gardens to Marie Antoinette’s Estate – its made for ultimate royalty! So on my travels in Brooklyn, Nyc I happened to see a store named Versailles and what was in the windows of this store made me double back and want to find out more about it. I went in and I’m glad I did because what I saw was very pleasing to my eyes. If you love dressing up and shopping your gonna love this post!


Heres the front of the store, love the letters, so pretty! Photo: courtesy of Versailles, Brooklyn Nyc

 This store is located in the best spot in BK at 194 Flatbush Avenue btw Dean and Bergen Streets, right in front of the Barclays Center. What better area to be in and you can’t miss it as your walking by your bound to see the beautiful storefront with the amazing dressing that are to die for. I went in and I didn’t know on what dress to focus on as there were so many beauties in my sight and the decor of the store was just stunning. As I stood there with my mouth half open I could hear the sewing machine buzzing downstairs. Apparently, they have a seamstress or tailor on site which makes your shopping experience more enjoyable. The owner Moussa Dia (a Senegalese fashion designer) greeted me and I asked if I could browse and take pictures for my blog. He was so nice and pleasant and he let me do so as I told him I would feature his amazing store on my blog. I’m glad that I get to share this women’s clothing store with you but wait there’s more!

This amazing store has been known to be frequented by many celebrities. Some of them are KMichelle, Yandi Smith, Beyonce, Mary J Blige, Lil Kim, Erica Mena, Tahiry, Trina, Renee G and Natalia Guercio from Mobwives just to name a few. I had hoped to run into a celebrity on this day but no dice…maybe next time LOL. In all seriousness, if your looking to get a unique, custom made, one of a kind dress or outfit go and visit Versailles. I’m sure they will make you look like the exquisite queen that you are. Check out the amazing pics below and see why I love Versailles…


I saw this beautiful wedding dress and I immediately gravitated towards it. Just stunning!


Isn’t this one just beautiful, love that lime green color!


What do you think about this silver dress, its made for a movie star!


There were so many beautiful dresses around me that I didn’t know where to look first…I loved every minute of being there.


One of my favorites, check out all that blingy silver and the train…Lord have mercy!


Here’s a few photos of celebrities that have had custom dresses made by Versailles!

Beautiful for a palace indeed!

Beautiful Decor…fit for a palace indeed!

Love this color, its stunning!

Love this color, its stunning!

Fit For a Beautiful Queen

Love this dress, the bling is just out of this world!


Apparently they also custom make bathing suit, My God how perfect!


Store Address and Phone Number


They’re even on Facebook! Love it!

If you fell in love with at least one of these dresses then you need to visit Versailles in Brooklyn asap, I’m sure that the dress of your dreams is just a stitch away from a dream come true! If you can’t make it to Brooklyn, give them a call or contact them on any of their social media pages for more info on their services! Thank you to Mr. Moussa Dia for letting me take photos of your beautiful dresses for my blog, I appreciate it so much. Happy Shopping Everyone!


HANDOUT SEPT12 FE STYLEMAG YANGLI 23  Yang Li credit Scott.jpg

Every season we see fashion change and every well known designer stays relevant in the fashion scene. But what about those designers that are of the up and coming breed. Those designers seem to get left in the dimly lit background unless they are mentioned in the media or social networks for a quick second.

Today I would like to shine my designers spotlight on Yang Li. Yang was born in Beijing but moved to Perth Australia at the young age of 10 where he skateboarded and played basketball. These activities fueled his love of fashion being that in both of those activities he had to find a comfortable way to wear jeans and decorate his skateboard in a cool fashionable way. The influences of Helmut Lang and Raf Simon helped him realize that there was a possibility that he really wanted to become a designer. At 24, he dropped out of central Saint Martins and interned with designer Gareth Pugh then soon afterward he headed to Belgium where he interned with Raf Simons. In 2010 he returned to London where he was now fully ready to launch his own line. Li states pertaining to his collection the following –  “The woman I design for is really strong. She can ride away by herself, she doesn’t need to be carried.” While womenswear is somewhat of a focus for his line, he also designs a few menswear pieces every season so that the collection is cohesive.

Li’s brand is only in its second season but its been featured in Elle and I-D. His line is also carried in high end boutiques such as Blake Chicago and Corso Como. Check out some of his designs below…



Love this coat – so chic!




Beautiful Dress!


Love this jacket and skirt also!


Menswear is looking pretty good also!


Yang is making the ladies look amazing!


Menswear is looking amazing – I love his clothes!


This outfit looks so Goth in all black!


Check out the sheen on these pants!






I really like this look, its so me!


I love this look, its beautiful!

Thoughts: I love it when new designers get discovered because it gives us the bloggers a chance to see what new creative fashions will come up the runway every year. For me its always a huge surprise and I love that feeling of new discovery or the Ah hah moments in the fashion blogosheres. Lets see what Yang has for us this time for fashion week, I’m so excited to see his awesome creativity and new designs!


Alison Houtte, owner of Houte Couture in Brooklyn, NYC

Alison Houtte, owner of Houte Couture in Brooklyn, NYC

I want to retell a story about an amazing lady that perhaps has been told over and over again by most that know who she is. But for those that don’t know her story or are not familiar with my amazing friend then you haven’t really taken a good look at the cover of most magazines and really paid attention to the runways in the much talked about fashion world. Who is she and why should you get to know her? Read on to learn more….

My story starts while on an impromptu trip to my brothers house in Brooklyn, NY. Flatbush Avenue to be exact and its known for its up and coming, forever-changing, storefronts. Today a coffee shop and tomorrow maybe a shoe store, the next week who knows. In my travels to Brooklyn, I had never noticed this as much as when I was there recently. I browsed through several storefronts looking for familiarity but I realized that the Avenue had changed or maybe I wasn’t paying attention as much as I thought I was. Getting off the train at the Barkeley Center and taking a leisurely stroll after a long and well thought out lower Manhattan trip (I love the subway) I slowly walked from one store front to another and there was one particular store that I had passed up the day before as I didn’t think I would like any of the merchandise inside. I happened to have the courage to go in to browse and on this day is when I met the store owner, Alison Houtte. She is an amazing lady with so much energy and happiness that not even the world can contain it – now thats amazing. Heres where I learned about her story and who she really was and quite the story it is!

Alison Houtte is the fabulous owner of an amazing store in Brooklyn called Houte Couture located at 321 Flatbush Avenue in Brooklyn. Her store caters to mens, women’s fashions, and accessories that are vintage. Alison worked as a model for 10 plus years in Paris and Manhattan. She also appeared in such publications as Vogue, Marie Claire, and a Dr. Pepper Commercial just to name a few. Her amazing store has graced the pages of many publications such as WWD (Womens Wear Daily) and NYT (New York Times). Alison together with her sister Melissa Houtte who lives in Miami have co – authored a book called Aligators, Old Mink and New Money: One Woman’s Adventures in Vintage Clothing.  I haven’t read her book yet but from the reviews everyone loves the content and also state that its helpful in understanding how this idea of Vintage works. Most readers also love it because they would love to break into the field of Vintage shop ownership like her and this book helps them get things started. Now thats inspiration! I myself kinda knew what vintage was but didn’t really have a good grasp on it till I walked into her store and saw what the word Vintage really meant. As I browsed her racks upon racks and racks of clothing I thought – Good Lord, if this is what Vintage is all about then sign me up because I’m loving it.. I even winded up buying a short jacket and a scarf pictured below, can’t wait to wear them when I get back to work!

Short coat that I purchased at Houte Couture, I love the soft fabric!

Short coat that I purchased at Houte Couture, I love the soft fabric!


This jacket looks blue above but its an actual pretty grayish color – love these buttons too! The fabric is a soft corduroy which I’m in love with!

Rounded vintage indeed!

Rounded Lapels…so vintage indeed!

Not sure what label this jacket comes from but who cares its beautiful - thank you Alison!!

Not sure what label this jacket comes from but who cares its beautiful – thank you Alison!!

Her store is amazing and if theres one place that I recommend to go browse and shop its called of course, Houte Couture. I guarantee you will find something you love there and you will be back for more. From the day that I stepped in this fabulous store, I was hooked and there was no turning back! Check out the pictures below of her amazing store, whats not to love about it – its just fabulous and her staff that works there are also helpful and kind. You won’t be disappointed and you like I will be asking yourself, why didn’t I know about this place earlier? More pics below….

Meet the beautiful Alison Houtte, owner of Houte Couture!

Meet the beautiful Alison Houtte, owner of Houte Couture!


If you haven’t read this book, you gotta get it – the reviews on it are just amazing! I need to get my hands on a copy of this ASAP!

Jewelry, fabulous Jewelry - If your into Jewelry she has that too!

Jewelry, fabulous jewelry – If your into jewelry she has that too!

love the way this mannequin is accessorized!

Closer look at the half bust mannequin and you can see that her accessories are so unique! Again my urge to buy was really telling me spend, spend, spend!


Cute top and accessories…God I love it!

You need sunglasses, she has that too!

You need sunglasses, she has that too!

She even has more than just clothes those hats are everything!

She even has more than just clothes, check out those hats aren’t they everything!

More accessories and watches!

Accessories, beautiful pearls and watches!

More shoes and accessories, I have so many shoes I had to resist the urge to buy!

More shoes and accessories, I have so many shoes I had to resist the urge to buy!


Love those orange glasses, so chic!

Houte Couture is an amazing place and you will get lost in the immense amount of merchandise that she has on the racks and any little nook and space of the store. Don’t be afraid to go in and browse, take as much time as you need and don’t be afraid to ask for help. Her and her staff are friendly and they will help you as much as they can. So go ahead and stop by – oh and say hello to Alison for me and tell her that I sent you! Happy Vintage Shopping!!!