Palace Of Versailles in France

 I have never been to the Palace of Versailles in France but from what I have read about it, its seriously beautiful! From its opulent gardens to Marie Antoinette’s Estate – its made for ultimate royalty! So on my travels in Brooklyn, Nyc I happened to see a store named Versailles and what was in the windows of this store made me double back and want to find out more about it. I went in and I’m glad I did because what I saw was very pleasing to my eyes. If you love dressing up and shopping your gonna love this post!


Heres the front of the store, love the letters, so pretty! Photo: courtesy of Versailles, Brooklyn Nyc

 This store is located in the best spot in BK at 194 Flatbush Avenue btw Dean and Bergen Streets, right in front of the Barclays Center. What better area to be in and you can’t miss it as your walking by your bound to see the beautiful storefront with the amazing dressing that are to die for. I went in and I didn’t know on what dress to focus on as there were so many beauties in my sight and the decor of the store was just stunning. As I stood there with my mouth half open I could hear the sewing machine buzzing downstairs. Apparently, they have a seamstress or tailor on site which makes your shopping experience more enjoyable. The owner Moussa Dia (a Senegalese fashion designer) greeted me and I asked if I could browse and take pictures for my blog. He was so nice and pleasant and he let me do so as I told him I would feature his amazing store on my blog. I’m glad that I get to share this women’s clothing store with you but wait there’s more!

This amazing store has been known to be frequented by many celebrities. Some of them are KMichelle, Yandi Smith, Beyonce, Mary J Blige, Lil Kim, Erica Mena, Tahiry, Trina, Renee G and Natalia Guercio from Mobwives just to name a few. I had hoped to run into a celebrity on this day but no dice…maybe next time LOL. In all seriousness, if your looking to get a unique, custom made, one of a kind dress or outfit go and visit Versailles. I’m sure they will make you look like the exquisite queen that you are. Check out the amazing pics below and see why I love Versailles…


I saw this beautiful wedding dress and I immediately gravitated towards it. Just stunning!


Isn’t this one just beautiful, love that lime green color!


What do you think about this silver dress, its made for a movie star!


There were so many beautiful dresses around me that I didn’t know where to look first…I loved every minute of being there.


One of my favorites, check out all that blingy silver and the train…Lord have mercy!


Here’s a few photos of celebrities that have had custom dresses made by Versailles!

Beautiful for a palace indeed!

Beautiful Decor…fit for a palace indeed!

Love this color, its stunning!

Love this color, its stunning!

Fit For a Beautiful Queen

Love this dress, the bling is just out of this world!


Apparently they also custom make bathing suit, My God how perfect!


Store Address and Phone Number


They’re even on Facebook! Love it!

If you fell in love with at least one of these dresses then you need to visit Versailles in Brooklyn asap, I’m sure that the dress of your dreams is just a stitch away from a dream come true! If you can’t make it to Brooklyn, give them a call or contact them on any of their social media pages for more info on their services! Thank you to Mr. Moussa Dia for letting me take photos of your beautiful dresses for my blog, I appreciate it so much. Happy Shopping Everyone!

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