Gucci has been an iconic name in fashion and style since I was in junior high school. I remember going to school and walking the hallways to class and seeing most of the well to do kids in my area rocking this signature brand. The guys rocked the Gucci leather backpacks and the girls flaunted their amazingly beautiful handbags. I always admired the goods but what I most loved about the Gucci brand at the time was their signature colors of red and green stripes on a piece of web fabric. I also loved that they put that double “G” in as if to say – here is your glamour stamp of approval, you’ve been officially Guccifyed! This “glamour stamp of approval” as I called it just made my desire to somehow obtain one of these beautiful handbags even more intense.


Gucci Vintage Doctors Bag circa 1980’s

To my disappointment, upon asking a friend of mine, “I wonder how much those pretty handbags cost and where can I get one?” she responded very flatly, “forget about it, only the rich kids in this school can afford things like that and we aren’t rich!” Still to this day, with me being a huge handbag lover that hasn’t stopped me from admiring this beautiful brand and its signature look.

As of today I honestly cannot afford an authentic Gucci bag but I love to see what new items they come up with every season. This season the colors are shockingly beautiful and out of this world. But don’t my word for it, have a look at this seasons beautiful colors in the pics below..


Bright Diamond White Leather Top Handle Bag


Bright Diamante Leather Bucket Bag

leopard print

Leopard Print Calf Hair Top Handle Bag


Jackie Soft Python Top Handle Bag


Jackie Soft Crocodile Hobo

Burgundy Mini Chain

Soho Metallic Leather Mini Chain Bag


 Fucsia Bamboo Shopper Tote


Lady Lock Python Handle Bag


Bamboo Shopper Leather Boston Bag


Black Soho Leather Clutch


Online Exclusive: Metallic Leather Tote


Purple Nouveau Fringe Leather Python Shoulder Bag


Bamboo Fringe Shopper Suede Tote


Soft Stirrup Ostrich Shoulder Bag – I have an Ostrich bag and its amazing! I would buy this one if I had the mean LOL!


Gucci Nouveau Python Clutch, Love that python pattern with the red color!

Okay, there’s so much more on their site to see and many more styles so go to and check it all out! Hope you enjoyed this post…more to come stay tuned!


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