This Tuesday I took a much needed bloggers break, yup – I actually did. I took time off from social media, reading my infinite amount of magazines, and the constant checking important emails and phone calls to head off for the day with a few friends of mine to the beautiful state of New Hampshire. We actually had an invitation to a friends house who is now living the beach life over there. It was a very convenient invite as she only lives minutes away from Hampton Beach in New Hampshire. I have been to this beach before and till this day I still say its one of the most beautiful beaches in the state.


This beach is so beautiful and there was ample space for beachgoers


Condos are being built by the beach but as I was told they were too expensive, Oh and those seagulls are just too cute!


Here they are again, these birds were everywhere!


This one was fascinated by me or my phone, he kept getting closer and closer!


Me and my friend, I cropped her out on purpose as she chose to remain anonymous – Ughhh my hair look horrible here LOL!


There were more people on the beach but we opted for a more minimal quiet spot!


He inched a little closer in order for me to get this pic….loved watching these little creatures!


Heres a whole group of them but this lil guy is the only one that wanted my attention!


Hi, Its me relaxing!


Shameless selfie with a little sun in my eyes shining through the clouds!

Soon after the picture above we had all decided to take the trip to an exclusive upscale neighborhood via another friend that joined us and was willing to show us around for a little while. She’s also living the beach life and is building a home from the ground up in an exclusive part of Rye, New Hampshire just minutes from the beach. But for now she rents a Spanish Villa for $3,500 a week until her house is totally finished. God, 3,500 a week times how many weeks? Well, you do the math LOL.  From what she stated the Villa belongs to a brain surgeon that has 7 kids and only uses the house for about 2 months out of the year. In the meantime he rents it to people that want an exclusive mansion near the beach available for certain times of the year.

This mansion was gorgeous, elaborately decorated, and enormous. I totally felt like I was in an episode of MTV Cribs! From the elaborate granite counters, winding staircase, white glove kitchen, huge master bedroom that could fit my house alone in this room and the beautiful bathroom with a jet tub and stand up shower with marble tiles. I mean – lord have mercy, this mansion was seriously mesmerizing me. I forgot to take a picture of the outside but the inside was beautiful enough to make up for this loss.  I must admit that I had a tinge of jealousy in the works but then I got over it and felt privileged to even step in one these mansion.  See the pics below…


Here’s the stair case you see as soon as you walk in, I love the ironwork and that chair is so comfy!


Glass Sink in Bathroom


Formal Dining Room


I love those pillars leading to the other wing of the house !


Formal Living Room


More Comfy Chairs


Beautiful Kitchen

*on to the second floor*


Beautiful Oak Staircase!


View from the top of the stairs at the front door


Beautiful Crystal Chandelier


Cute scroll rod painting hanging on the wall in the hallway


Better view of that beautiful window and chandelier


Master Bedroom, this room was three times the size of my bedroom!


Fireplace in the bedroom with two Juliette balconies


The master bath

photo 1

Better view with lights on


Master Bath: Marble shower with intricate and numerous shower heads


Beautiful white soaking Jacuzzi Tub


This bathroom was in one of the numerous spare bedrooms off of the master

I’m so upset that I couldn’t take pictures of the other wing of the mansion as the battery to my phone had just died after taking the last picture above. That alone teaches me to at least bring my smaller camera so that I can take numerous pictures without having the battery run out so quickly. But I think that you get the idea from the pics above of what this elaborate abode really looked like so you can probably imagine what the other wing of the looked like also.

Oh and I forgot to mention that her neighbor was Dan Brown! Yes indeed! The author of The DaVinci Code and Angels and Demons was her next door neighbor. Now I couldn’t see his house from where we were. His house was so far in from the road and surrounded by lots of trees but I wish I could have seen him or at least gotten a small glimpse of his house. She also stated that Adam Sandler has a house in that area also but we didn’t go searching for it as she wasn’t sure where it was. It was an exciting day for sure and I enjoyed every minute of it.  It’s not every day that this happens to me so I really appreciated and took advantage of the opportunity given. I’ve been so fortunate to have such amazing friends, I really enjoyed myself and learned so much on this day but most of all I really enjoyed the downtime and tranquility of the day. I love what I do but there comes a time when you need the quiet and tranquility to reflect and gather your thoughts and this has been it. This felt amazingly good…on to the next adventure! Peace, Love, and Serenity to all of my readers!!

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