Its a little cooler today and I’m feeling a little beside myself because summer is almost on its last leg in my neck of the woods. If you live in a four seasonal weather area like me then its a great excuse to go shopping but if not then your so lucky as you get to use your warm weather duds all year round (Uhh, I’m so jealous of you LOL.)

Today I wanted to bring you some of my ultimate favorite looks for Fall 2014. If you need an excuse to dismiss your self control in  shopping then this is it. Preview these beautiful designs and lose yourself in the jealousy of eye candy, I know I totally did!


Armani Prive: Love the sleeves on this coat!


Atelier Versace: I’m in dress envy mode!


Christian Dior – I want this dress!


Giambattista Valli – that coat!!!


Elie Saab -beautiful!

Zuhair Mirad

Zuhair Murad – This color just jumps out at you, stunning!


Schiaparelli – This look is everything!

Bouchra Jarrar

Bouchra Jarrar – Love the pantsuit, the model looks amazing!


Masion Martin Margiela – So eclectic and fun!


Valentino – this is definitely chic!


Armani Prive – this is a beautiful coat for special occasions but knowing me I would want to wear it everywhere!


Versace Prive – I love the silver details on the dress – so sexy!


Versace Prive – Here’s that blue color again, its beautiful!

I hope that these looks will give you some inspiration and a healthy dose of eye candy envy! I myself would love to buy every single piece I posted but thats very impossible and I gather it would be for most of you also. So for now gather up your thoughts and mix/match a few items and shop for the pieces that you think would be a must have in your closet. If you can’t afford to splurge on a piece take a picture of the items on your shopping trip with you and match it as closely as you can to the original. There are always alternatives to the couture look that you want on the racks, you just have to do some serious searching. If you can’t find the item or just choose not to go through the hassle of fashion searching then you can always do it online. I personally love shopping online than brick and mortar because its always a surprise when that delivery comes in. So go ahead and lose yourself in the thrill of it all, I think its so worth it! Don’t you?

Happy Shopping My Friends!

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