Jay Godfrey - Presentation - Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Fall 2014

Omg, omg, omg…my dream has come true after so many years of wishing, talking, and dreaming about it. The day has finally come! I have finally been invited to Mercedes Benz Fashion Week. I am so happy, excited, well you get the picture LOL!

Yesterday I was out and about doing errands (hence the late post, my apologies) and I always check my emails and to my surprise I got an email invitation to Jay Godfrey’s fashion show at the Hudson Hotel. I couldn’t believe it, I even dropped what I was doing to check and recheck the email just to make sure it wasn’t a spoof or spam. But Oh No it was a real invite with RSVP and everything. So of course, I am going and I’m gonna feel like this for a few days until then. So let me tell you a little about this awesome designer, Jay Godfrey!

Jay Godfrey is a New York based designer who realized he wanted to become a designer while working at Hugo Boss. He studied finance at Montreals McGill University in order to have a good solid background in business and accounting. When he graduated he headed to Wall Street where he worked at Citicorp. While working there, his determination to create a collection of his own led him to attend Parsons School of Design. There he interned with Oscar de la Renta where he perfected his style and design technique. This experience helped him figure out who the “Jay Godfrey” woman was.

Having been in the business a few years, Godfrey has thus created quite a celebrity following. Some of the celebrities that have worn his designs include Leighton Meester, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Eva Mendez, Jennifer Lopez, Angie Harmon, Emma Stone, Eva Langoria and Petra Nemcova. He has also been featuring in some of the most amazing publications such as WWD, Elle, Cosmopolitan, and the New York Post.

I am so excited and can’t tell you how much. I know his show will be fantastic! I have included some pictures of his past designs so that you, my readers, can get acquainted with this fabulous designer.

cvdWhat beautiful designs, I love it!


Strapless Hi-Lo Dress such a beautiful vibrant green!


Contrast Silk Kimono, I love this top!


Love this blue print!


Khloe Kardashian in a lovely Godfrey design!


My favorite colors, I love this outfit!


Red is so my favorite color, this dress is amazing!

I love Jay Godfrey’s designs, they’re made for the modern woman that loves lots of vibrant color and isn’t worried about what others may think of their style. As for me I am totally a Jay Godfrey follower and I totally can see myself in his designs in the future. I wish this amazing designer much successs – you truly deserve it! Happy Shopping Everyone!

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