NYC in itself can be fun, crazy, and at times unbelievable. I think that today was one of those days and if you weren’t present at The Cutting Room on 44 E. 32nd Street you missed out on a great show. Artist Joey Oso presented us with his Masterful Headpieces made all out of nails, yup you heard it – Nails, you know, the ones that you put in walls. Yes those nails! They were on his headpieces and I was shocked (but in a fabulous way) when I saw them. You needed to be there as it was an amazingly success show with a cool fun vibe to it. If you weren’t in attendance you totally missed out on some crazy headgear created by the talented artist Joey Oso himself, amazing handmade shoes by Authentic by John Ashford and some sexy models that had some creative makeup that made the whole runway show an incredible sight to see. The models also wore amazing vintage clothing styled by Francis Urrutra (her style is really fabulous) and that made the show look phenomenal. But don’t take my word for it let the pictures below speak for themselves….

photo 4

 Joey Oso putting the finishing touches on his designs – these headpieces are amazing aren’t they?

photo 3 These shoes were a hit especially with the models!

J.oso1 1

 Authentic “Joust” Platform heels handmade by John Ashford…. I love them!


Another pair of amazing shoes by Authentic by John Ashford!


I love the way the models stylist Francis Urrutra put this together, it all came out amazing!


Isn’t this headpiece magnificent…I was in awe when I saw the artist Joey open the box up and take it out! There are no words to describe how amazing this work of art really is. Phenomenal Joey, just Phenomenal!


Another amazing work of art….love it!


The back of one of the much detail its truly amazing!


Models wearing Joey Oso’s headpieces and Authentic by John Ashford shoes! Styling done by Francis Urrutra!


Cool Guitar Chandelier at The Cutting Room


Mr. Oso working his magic on one of the models, I still think that headpiece is so amazing!


Look at this outfit and her makeup is amazing!


Artist/Singer Angelica Joni was giving us some emotions to work with…dang she killed it! Her voice was just that good! Girl keep working it, you are so on point!

Tonight Joey Oso put on a kickass show, everything was just to perfection – congrats Joey and thank you for allowing me to cover your event…you really amazed not just me but everyone around you with your art. Thanks also to shoe designer John Ashford for allowing me to experience your amazing talent and see those amazing shoes strutting down that lovely runway…I appreciated every minute of this event. Hope to attend more in the future!

Headpieces: Artist Joey Oso’s Masterful Headpieces



Shoes: Authentic by John Ashford


Stylist: Francis Urrutra

Singer: Angelica Joni



Thank you to the folks at The Cutting Room for a successful night of fun, fashion, music and art!

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