Fendi has always been one of those classic, chic, and timeless labels that have seemed to catch my attention every year. Their designs whether it be Winter, Spring, Summer or Fall are always so stunning and lust worthy. This is surely one label that always without a doubt has me wondering every season, “whats next?” This winter Fendi is surely turning heads and making a beautiful statement. I’m loving it but lets just see what all my lovely readers think about it! Lets take a look at why Fendi is one of my favorites couture labels…


I’m in love, this is my favorite look! 


Winter has never looked so fun and sexy – red is my favorite color!


Besides the models smile which is beautiful, take a look at the her gloves and that fur coat….beautifully put together! 


Ombre Burnt Orange Strappy Boot…Look at that beautiful color – its so different and chic, this is why I love Fendi! 


Love this look, so well put together! 

After seeing Fendi’s Winter collection I am still enamored by the sexiness and the immense collection of chic items that this label has to offer. They have been one of my favorite iconic brands since childhood and I really don’t think thats ever gonna change anytime soon. Fendi has my heart and my wallet to go with it and its one of my fashion addictions. I really don’t think thats ever changing unless Fendi ceases to be and I’m pretty sure they are here to stay and captivate its admirers for years to come. I love it and can’t wait to see whats next for this brilliant fashion label. Whats your favorite Fendi look so far this year?

Hope you enjoyed this post my friends…Happy Shopping!!

Photos: Fendi.com




Today on designers spotlight, I would like you to meet Russian designer Julia Kalmanovich. Based out of Moscow and New York City, her brand, Kalmanovich is a fascinating, sexy, brand to keep your eye on for the ultimate jaw dropping fashion experience. With soft flowy materials and tailored draped fabrics centered around the modern woman – Kalmanovich is a brand for those women who love clothing that make a bold statement all while enhancing the modern womanly silhouette.

Designer Julia Kalmanovich was inspired by her mothers sense of fashion and style. Her fascination with dramatic style was encouraged at home and upon graduating in the area of finance, Julia’s first love emerged which was her love of elaborate dress making. She was mentored by designer Slava Zaitsev, patriarch of Russian fashion who encourage her to stick to what she loved most in fashion – Russian street style. This form of fashion has been a major inspiration of what is now her current collection as of today.

Launching her first collection in 2006 and having opened her own couture studio, Julia Kalmanovich has been popularly recognized and also functions as a well known independent fashion house. Check out her amazing designs below…


Loving the black and white stripes, fabulous!


As you can see her designs are just gorgeous!


Love that jacket, this ensemble is just chic!


This dress is amazing!


I’m in love with this whole ensemble!


This is adorable, don’t you agree?


I don’t usually like florals but this is just beautiful!


Love the mix of fabrics in this ensemble, it just goes very well together!

Kalmanovich is one label that you truly have to look out for from on. From the chicness of the clothing to the patterns that are on them, everything about it is just fascinating. I am sure gonna be keeping tabs on what beautiful and sexy must haves come out of this lovely fashion house. As you can tell its well worth waiting for! Which one of these items are your favorites?

Happy Shopping my lovelies!

Credits: Kalmanovich.net