I know that Spring is far from arriving anytime soon and Fashion Week is long gone. We are all getting back to our much needed normalcy in life and some of us are thinking ahead to the next fashion frenzy. The stress of trying to get to every show possible with out breaking a heel and making sure that you are impeccably dressed even if your uncomfortable is all a blur so now its time to focus on the beauty of what fashion designers have in store for next season.

Today I want to focus on the brand Altuzarra and its Spring Ready to Wear Collection. This season Altuzarra has provided us with long flowy dresses, leather basket weave skirts, tops, dresses and even gingham style seperates but let me not spoil it for you, have a good look for yourself!


I’m not a big fan of Gingham but this wardrobe selection seems to soothe my dislike for that particular fabric!


Not to fond of the neckline on this dress but the fabric is just beautiful, I would dare to wear!


I love this basketweave leather vest its so pretty and different –  I love different!


This ensemble is out of this world amazing…looks Gothic!


Hears that leather basketweave vest in black


Pretty dress and I love the neckline, just wish I was taller to be able to wear such a beautiful dress!


Now this one I can definitely do without looking like I’m wearing a nightgown – (sorry short girl here LOL)! I love the way its paired with a long black short blazer!


Oh yes, I’m in love with this skirt – beautiful!


Now this dress I wouldn’t be able to do but for those that can pull it off Kudos to you girl! So Jealous!


This would be great for my next fashion event, I may just put this on my must have list!


Sexy and figure flattering, my kind of outfit!


Lovely dress with beautiful floral patterns, perhaps this one will be on my have list also. Its really figure flattering and sexy, I love it!

Altuzarra has definitely caught my attention and this Spring is looking mighty lovely. The colors, fabrics and flower patterns are just so figure flattering and chic. For those that can pull off some of these items I’m really jealous of you right now and for those shorter girls like me as you can see we have options. They may not be what we are lusting over on this blog but we do have sexy options that keep us fashionably relevant. I’m happy if I can at least see myself in just a handful of these, hey – that’s better than nothing right? I leave it at that for now and let me know what you think of these Spring fashions, are they your must haves for the season or not really? Comment below!

Happy Shopping my dear friends!




Left: Alexis wearing Authentic “Cheetah, Cheetah” thigh high boots made by John Ashford. Right: Kamille wearing Authentic “Lace Shoe Pants” made by John Ashford. Black Hoodie made by John Ashford.

I remember ages ago mentioning that I would love to attend fashion runway shows or to be able to have a dream job thats fashion related and I also remember stating that one day I would like to walk into the Yotel in Nyc and stay there for a week or a weekend. Staying there didn’t happened but I at least got to walk in and see what this hotel looked like inside, it was beautiful. Let me tell  you how this opportunity came about…

Last week my amazing friend Shoe Desingner John Ashford asked me if I was able to attend a Fall fashion show called Runway the Real Way hosted by Catherine Schuller. It was going to be held at The Yotel in NYC so of course I jumped on the opportunity to attend. It was Halloween weekend so I figured why not plus I would never pass up an invite to attend one of his amazing shows if its in my power to be there – trust me I will attend, LOL. I couldn’t wait to see what kinds of shoes John Ashford would feature at the show but I know that it would be a phenomenal show and the shoes would be on fire!

The event was called Runway the Real Way hosted by Catherine Schuller and I was excited because John Ashford’s models were wearing some his new never before seen handmade boots. The boots were beautiful, hot, and the models were looking sexy. I had the opportunity to style some of them and assist Mr. Ashford in any way needed. The Yotel NYC also provided us all with an amazing breakfast which I myself highly appreciated – Thank you Yotel. This event was quite an experience, I am beyond happy and I thank you, John Ashford, for trusting in my abilities to get the job done efficiently. Check out some of the pics from the show and our awesome sponsors below..


These are beautiful – Authentic “Jimi” boots made by John Ashford


Model (Love) on the left is wearing Authentic “Blu Nile” boots made by John Ashford. Model (Whitney) on the right is wearing Authentic “Crouching Tiger, Hidden snake thigh high boots made by John Ashford. Sheer and Leather top also made by John Ashford. Jewelry: http://www.shopmgboutique


Authentic “The Skin I’m In” made by John Ashford


Authentic “White Tiger Express” thigh high boots made by John Ashford


 Shoutouts to our very lovely beautiful models for an awesome job on the runway – Left to Right: Kamille, John Ashford, Jasmine, Whitney, Kelly and Love! Jewelry by:


Thank you to Runway the Real Way and our host Catherine Schuller for allowing me to attend this amazing event!



Thank you to Hubert’s Lemonade for the delicious refreshments provided – they were delicious! Oh and I love your lil Winky Lemon, so cute LOL!

As you can see these Authentic by John Ashford shoes are amazing and the models really made the boots on the runway look hot together with the amazing jewelry by Material Girlz Boutique, heck this event was pure sexiness. Theres no doubt that I will always consider myself an Authentic by John Ashford fan, his designs and shows are always different as you never know what he has in store for us ladies. The element of surprise and the anticipation of what kinds of shoes or boots he will break out at a show just makes attending his shows fun and exciting.

I would like to send a special thank you to the Yotel for providing the amazing breakfast and an awesome space to hold this event, Sponsors – Stylaga, Runway the Realway and host: Catherine Schuller – thank you for your sponsorship and of course John Ashford of Authentic by John Ashford!

If you haven’t attended one I highly recommend you attend one. His shoes are handmade so if you want a certain custom made shoe or boot, visit his site at Send him a friendly email and order a pair today!

Happy Shopping my friends!

Photos: John Ashford