Some of us are familiar with the fashion labels of Prada, Gucci, YSL and even Louis Vuitton but do have you really gotten to know who Bottega Veneta is?

I must admit that I am very guilty of overlooking this amazing label but lately I have had my eye on more than one of their amazing handbags/clothing items and I am obsessed. Between the colors, designs and amazing patterns this label has me hooked and I’m pretty sure that you will be too after checking out my faves. If you haven’t been familiar with this brand, check them out today but first review my favorites below and leave your impressions on my post in the comments section.


This is the bag that I have had my eye on…I love the texture and design of it! 


Check out the pattern of these pants, so cute I love them! 

Bottega Veneta

What a cute look, I need this in my life! 


This outfit makes me miss summer so much, its beautiful! 


The print on this bag is amazing! 


Here is another one of my favorite bags, can you tell I’m handbag obsessed?

 I hope that you can go visit their site and pick your favorites. Let me know what you picked and why they’re your favorite items.

Upon discovering or should I say finally noticing this overlooked label (on my part) I think I will be checking them out a lot more. I love their patterns and different designs and as a handbag lover that to me is just fabulous. From now on I will be a BV follower! I have my reasons, what are yours??

Happy Shopping my friends!!

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