Today on designers spotlight I would love to feature NYC based designer Katie Ermilio. If you haven’t heard of her – pay close attention – class is in session! This amazing young lady is the granddaughter of Grace Kelly’s personal clothier and you can tell that some of that talent is evident in her designs – how awesome is that! Ugh…I am so jealous but in a giddy way, LOL. Even though she is talented and amazing her accomplishments as a fashion designer are not all due to her family member rubbing elbows with the monarchy. She also worked beside her father in his bespoke menswear shop at a young age and its truly evident in her amazing designs with soft draping and impeccable tailoring. She has also achieved quite a bit on her own, go Katie! In 2013, Forbes named her one of the magazines 30 under 30 of art and design. She has also been featured in several publications like Elle and Vanity Fair just to name a few of her accomplishments. A few celebrities that have worn her designs are Katie Perry, Taylor Swift, and Michelle Williams.

Check out the pics below of her beautifully tailored 2015 ready to wear designs…I love her designs but let me know what you think anyway?


I love this seafoam color and those shoes are amazing!


What a beautiful skirt, so long and flowy my favorite!


Love the design and fabric on this dress!


Beautiful Silhouette – fave number 3!


Theres no better way to represent summer in all its glory…Chic indeed!


Such a unique dress, I love it!

After seeing all of her amazing designs I am truly putting Katie Ermilio on my Style Watch list. She really understands that women want to be classy, sexy, and well put together. Her tailoring is impeccable and flawless but most of all, her designs just want to make you want to shop and invest in at least one piece (if you can afford) in her collection. I myself need to have at least a few pieces in my collection and I really don’t care if I break the bank doing it. To me its well worth it – I love fashion and frankly fashion loves me too. Happy Shopping my friends…till the next post!

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