Summer is almost gone, can you believe it? Well, I surely won’t have to remind you of it as you can tell from the commercials on tv and the summer wear seems to be disappearing from your local shops. But in all fairness, why would we care, theres so much fashion that can accommodate us for the those chilly, often frosty, Autumn and Winter months – don’t you agree?While perusing my favorite fashion sites, I came upon some Adam Selman’s fabulous 2016 collection and I love it but let me tell you and show you why.

If you can recall from way back when, Adam was the mastermind behind Michael Jackson and Britney Spears’ many wardrobes – oh, and lets not forget that unforgettable, daringly, sexy, see through dress (above) that Rihanna was wearing for the 2014 CFDA fashion awards. So lets see why his collection is so popular with me and others to date. Wow! If all that I’ve said so far doesn’t inspire you to check out his collection, nothing will. Wanna know what I’m loving about it – find some of my favorite pieces below…


Love the pattern of this knit dress and the length is just right!


This long robe is amazing, I wouldn’t mind roaming around the house in one of these..heck, I can even use it as an outdoor coat! Hey, why not?


I like this dress and skirt combo…now if only I was little bit taller, wishful thinking but its still so pretty!


Very Chic and Sophisticated!


Those pants are just fabulous and love the color of the jacket!


This red jumpsuit is everything!


So in love with this red and I love the grommets he uses on most of collection, so loving the 70’s and 80’s look.


Again, another dress with a color that I love.


Now this I could truly rock. I’m short so it would be the perfect size and with those grommets, I could surely rock this out.


This is my most favorite outfit of this collection, all that grommet and the fact that the clothes are chic, sexy, and comfy make it all the more wearable.

As you can tell Adam Selman is one of my favorite designers thus far. With all the flowy sexy, grommet laden, chic clothing he’s designed for his resort collection I am so enamoured by it all. When I shop for clothing, a piece or pieces have to call to me, it has to want me to look for more and this collection sure did that. I hope that his collection keeps being designed with this overall theme of loose, sexy chic, deep colorful fabrics. I can’t wait to see what he has for us in the next season of his collection. Well, I’m off to shop for some of his 2015 collection – Oh, and make room in my closets of course!

Happy Shopping my friends! Till the next post!




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