Designers Spotlight: Astrid Anderson


I would like for you to meet Copenhagen’s very own, Astrid Anderson. She’s fashionably fly, hip hop oriented, highly motivated and I can already tell by her designs that this collection will or already is resonating with major hip hop era connoisseurs that seek a different, not the norm, vibe with a kick of fashion fusion in it.

For starters, you can witness by her runway pics that she plays around and/or is inspired by this fly as can be, you’re cool as f*ck culture that I myself grew up witnessing. So this collection to me is so epic in every way possible. I mean, come on! How can you not love the designs? They’re so different …I love different!

Astrid uses sultry slouchy looking tracksuits, burgundy galore, high slits, banded waist lines with tummy revealing crop tops, and even a basketball inspired logo throughout. See for yourself, I myself have fallen in love with this designer and I hope you have too. She’s amazing!


See told you she had that fly as can be factor….check out that slit though!


Nice Jumpsuit and here she’s using that burgundy color.. amazing!


Hip Hop never looks so awesome!


That vest is awesome but the leggings complete the look!


I love this look!


Its coat season and this one looks just right – love that hat too!


Check out this pattern, don’t you love it?


Hmmm this ones little different.. which ones your fave?


Another nice long coat…perfect!


Looks very Warm and comfy!


There’s that basketball inspired logo!


I really like this look!


Here’s that crop top and that sexy slit, are you loving this designer yet? I am…


and for the grand final… check out this beauty of a look! So tell me how much you’re loving this designer, isn’t she badass? Yup, she killed it!

Astrid Anderson, you are amazing and you really did a fabulous job at capturing that hip hop flare! I congratulate you and look forward to seeing your future designs on the runway!

Till next time my friends…




Developing an appreciation for fashion at an early age, Angel Sanchez was surrounded by the reminders of the fashion industry in his mothers atelier. He practiced and studied architecture for many years but soon realized that fashion was his calling. Sanchez started his own fashion house rising to fame quickly in Latin America. Soon afterwards, his fashion house and company established roots in New York City.

Today he is well known for his bridal and evening wear collections that include a touch of drama with every piece. His amazing designs are also considered contemporary, architectural, and amazingly feminine. Let’s take a look at a few, shall we…
















As you can see designer Angel Sanchez is all about color, different designs, and sophistication! You can clearly see hints of architecture in his collections which is truly amazing. You get the best of both worlds with Sanchez which is okay in my book. Can’t wait to see what designs he has for us in the future. This man is truly amazing and I appreciate his abilities to make us all look at his designs and want to try them all on. I know I would – what about you?



Today on designers spotlight I would love to feature NYC based designer Katie Ermilio. If you haven’t heard of her – pay close attention – class is in session! This amazing young lady is the granddaughter of Grace Kelly’s personal clothier and you can tell that some of that talent is evident in her designs – how awesome is that! Ugh…I am so jealous but in a giddy way, LOL. Even though she is talented and amazing her accomplishments as a fashion designer are not all due to her family member rubbing elbows with the monarchy. She also worked beside her father in his bespoke menswear shop at a young age and its truly evident in her amazing designs with soft draping and impeccable tailoring. She has also achieved quite a bit on her own, go Katie! In 2013, Forbes named her one of the magazines 30 under 30 of art and design. She has also been featured in several publications like Elle and Vanity Fair just to name a few of her accomplishments. A few celebrities that have worn her designs are Katie Perry, Taylor Swift, and Michelle Williams.

Check out the pics below of her beautifully tailored 2015 ready to wear designs…I love her designs but let me know what you think anyway?


I love this seafoam color and those shoes are amazing!


What a beautiful skirt, so long and flowy my favorite!


Love the design and fabric on this dress!


Beautiful Silhouette – fave number 3!


Theres no better way to represent summer in all its glory…Chic indeed!


Such a unique dress, I love it!

After seeing all of her amazing designs I am truly putting Katie Ermilio on my Style Watch list. She really understands that women want to be classy, sexy, and well put together. Her tailoring is impeccable and flawless but most of all, her designs just want to make you want to shop and invest in at least one piece (if you can afford) in her collection. I myself need to have at least a few pieces in my collection and I really don’t care if I break the bank doing it. To me its well worth it – I love fashion and frankly fashion loves me too. Happy Shopping my friends…till the next post!



Today on designers spotlight, I would like you to meet Russian designer Julia Kalmanovich. Based out of Moscow and New York City, her brand, Kalmanovich is a fascinating, sexy, brand to keep your eye on for the ultimate jaw dropping fashion experience. With soft flowy materials and tailored draped fabrics centered around the modern woman – Kalmanovich is a brand for those women who love clothing that make a bold statement all while enhancing the modern womanly silhouette.

Designer Julia Kalmanovich was inspired by her mothers sense of fashion and style. Her fascination with dramatic style was encouraged at home and upon graduating in the area of finance, Julia’s first love emerged which was her love of elaborate dress making. She was mentored by designer Slava Zaitsev, patriarch of Russian fashion who encourage her to stick to what she loved most in fashion – Russian street style. This form of fashion has been a major inspiration of what is now her current collection as of today.

Launching her first collection in 2006 and having opened her own couture studio, Julia Kalmanovich has been popularly recognized and also functions as a well known independent fashion house. Check out her amazing designs below…


Loving the black and white stripes, fabulous!


As you can see her designs are just gorgeous!


Love that jacket, this ensemble is just chic!


This dress is amazing!


I’m in love with this whole ensemble!


This is adorable, don’t you agree?


I don’t usually like florals but this is just beautiful!


Love the mix of fabrics in this ensemble, it just goes very well together!

Kalmanovich is one label that you truly have to look out for from on. From the chicness of the clothing to the patterns that are on them, everything about it is just fascinating. I am sure gonna be keeping tabs on what beautiful and sexy must haves come out of this lovely fashion house. As you can tell its well worth waiting for! Which one of these items are your favorites?

Happy Shopping my lovelies!



HANDOUT SEPT12 FE STYLEMAG YANGLI 23  Yang Li credit Scott.jpg

Every season we see fashion change and every well known designer stays relevant in the fashion scene. But what about those designers that are of the up and coming breed. Those designers seem to get left in the dimly lit background unless they are mentioned in the media or social networks for a quick second.

Today I would like to shine my designers spotlight on Yang Li. Yang was born in Beijing but moved to Perth Australia at the young age of 10 where he skateboarded and played basketball. These activities fueled his love of fashion being that in both of those activities he had to find a comfortable way to wear jeans and decorate his skateboard in a cool fashionable way. The influences of Helmut Lang and Raf Simon helped him realize that there was a possibility that he really wanted to become a designer. At 24, he dropped out of central Saint Martins and interned with designer Gareth Pugh then soon afterward he headed to Belgium where he interned with Raf Simons. In 2010 he returned to London where he was now fully ready to launch his own line. Li states pertaining to his collection the following –  “The woman I design for is really strong. She can ride away by herself, she doesn’t need to be carried.” While womenswear is somewhat of a focus for his line, he also designs a few menswear pieces every season so that the collection is cohesive.

Li’s brand is only in its second season but its been featured in Elle and I-D. His line is also carried in high end boutiques such as Blake Chicago and Corso Como. Check out some of his designs below…



Love this coat – so chic!




Beautiful Dress!


Love this jacket and skirt also!


Menswear is looking pretty good also!


Yang is making the ladies look amazing!


Menswear is looking amazing – I love his clothes!


This outfit looks so Goth in all black!


Check out the sheen on these pants!






I really like this look, its so me!


I love this look, its beautiful!

Thoughts: I love it when new designers get discovered because it gives us the bloggers a chance to see what new creative fashions will come up the runway every year. For me its always a huge surprise and I love that feeling of new discovery or the Ah hah moments in the fashion blogosheres. Lets see what Yang has for us this time for fashion week, I’m so excited to see his awesome creativity and new designs!




[Peter Strateas, Mario Lucca-Carlucci]

This year at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Australia there were two fairly new Aussie designers who won the Tiffany & Co. National Designer Award. They are known as STRATEAS.CARLUCCI.

Founded in 2012, Strateas.Carlucci is a collaboration between Peter Strateas and Mario-Lucca Carlucci. They’re an Australian based fashion design team that are creating a uniquely artistic fashion design label that is different from the rest of the fashion scene. In their designs you get to visualize art that is combined with a sense of mystery and love that will create a feeling of want and desire to obtain at least one piece from their amazing collection. But this dual designer team are not the new kids on the block, they had been creating and designing for street wear label Mashpee years before launching their own designs at the Aussie Fashion Week. In an unusual move for designers that are premiering their designs for the first time, they decided to begin their journey presenting their line in Paris instead of unveiling their line in their native Australia. This move proved to be very successful for the duo and their hard work is currently being noticed worldwide.

These designers are amazing not just because they put forth designs that are pleasingly beautiful to our eyes but because so much attention to detail is evident in their designs. Every piece of the Strateas.Carlucci collection is limited and numbered and they also use genuine Australian skins/fabrics that are native to the country such as Merino wool and Kangaroo hide. Also, every piece of fabric is carefully and meticulously supervised at each stage of the selection and production process. Some of their collections can have as few as 10 pieces and most of these can be scattered amongst collectors from all over the world. Now that to me is impressive and the attention to detail is just so amazing!

In my opinion, their designs are to die for and I will be keeping a close eye on this duo for more news on what they are working on for next season. So far I’m really excited and seeing their current designs I know I will not be disappointed one bit. Congrats to you, Strateas.Carlucci on your nomination and successful win! You deserve the recognition!

Take a look at some of my favorite pieces from the their collection below….


This coat paired with that shirt underneath is just to die for, Ughhhh, so chic!


Love this look and the models hat and pose makes the look even more stunning


Once again, congrats to you Peter and Mario! You deserve it!


Menswear Collection


I want this particular piece, its beautiful. So light and fresh for this summer!


This coat is beautiful! Its looks amazing on the model with all the light highlighting the shimmery sparkles!


So Chic and SEXY!


The menswear collection pieces are amazing!


The tailored look is always in style!


I wish I could put this picture in a frame, this photo merits its own space in my abode. Thats how stunning it really is.


Love this sweater!


So mysterious yet lovely!


If you would like to see and know more about this designer visit their website here – There you will find even more of their stunning designs and learn more about this incredible design team.

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