There is no doubt that traveling can be a great source of inspiration especially fashion related inspo. So when I decided to head to NYC for some much needed brainstorming I knew exactly who I needed to link up with to get it, my amazing friend John Ashford of Authentic by John Ashford! Every time I link up with him I just know I’m going to have an epic time! Getting together with John is always interesting because first he’s an amazing photographer and shoe designer and when he does outdoor photoshoots (which I love) its always interesting the way passers by react to the process of it all. So when I attended an outdoor shoot I was so excited because after all, it is a John Ashford Photoshoot and this was the refreshing inspiration I needed.

This particular photoshoot was situated in the Bronx and the location had an amazing art mural that you’ll see in the pics below….Beauty and the streets was definitely Caliente especially with Gabriella Rosado CEO/Designer Talent Coordinator of Break Bread Fashions providing the clothes featured in this post and Model Stephanie turning heads literally stopping traffic! Way to go ladies…you rocked it!


Making sure that pose is just right!


It’s all in the details! Dress: by Gabriella Rosado of Break Bread Clothing – Shoes: Authentic by John Ashford


 Stephanie is such a natural beauty, you go girl!


Looking Amazing in a designer dress by Gabriella Rosado!


Check out those heels…fabulous! These are Authentic “Slay Village” boots made by John himself!


I wonder whats on her mind, LOL!


She’s looking really hot…you killed it Steph! Dress: Break Bread Fashion


 Gabriella (CEO and Designer Talent co-ordinator) of Break Bread Fashion wearing her own designer clothing line paired with John Ashford shoes! Awesome!


Gotta get that pose just right!


The beauty of street photography…Gabriella Ceo of Break Bread Fashion is looking amazing in her designer clothing!


John, getting that perfect shot…amazing!


Those are some badass shoes!


CEO’s never looked so good …She’s so pretty and she killed it!


Gotta have some fun in between shots! Look at that smile on Gabriella, isn’t it beautiful?


This shot is amazing, check out the shoes and dress!


Oh my, that pose!!


Yes, yes, yes!



Check out these beauties!


These two beautiful ladies did an amazing job, Congrats girls – can’t wait to see the final results!


Oops, almost forgot this dope backdrop for the shoot..its really cool!

When you see models in magazines and on billboards, you tend to think that they have the easiest job in the world…just pose, always have a smile or a provocative look and be pretty but in all fairness its one of the hardest jobs in the world. These beautiful ladies made it seem easy even though we had to contend with the heat, traffic, and curious people with full blown cellphones out which can be a photographers nightmare. But these ladies killed this shoot and John Ashford was amazing at getting that pose just the right way and made the shoot look effortless and fun. This is why I love outdoor photoshoots, I learn from one of the best in the industry, I take all that inspiration and turn it into beautiful lifelong memories that teach me what fashion and style is all about! These moments are true learning moments and as a photographer myself I appreciate every second that I am in the same room or space with John Ashford!

For more info on John Ashford Shoes please visit or visit his instagram at: JohnAshfordShoes

For more info on the clothing used in this post please contact CEO/Designer Talent Coordinator Gabriella Rosado at Also visit her site on Instagram at BreakBreadFashions

Thank you John…. I appreciate everything about you!







When I think of shoes my mind tends to gravitate towards women’s shoes. Not sure why that happens but its time for me to give some of the guys that are reading or browsing my blog some inspiration to put their shoes to good fashion use.

The ladies have it golden when it comes to shoes because there are after all, millions of possibilities such as styles, heel height, material, colors, and designers we could ever think of.  It almost seems like the shoes business is specifically made for us females – sorry fella’s, I sympathize with your dilemma. But don’t fret, I’m here to bring you a few shoe designs and a full outfit design to give you ideas on how to dress those shoes you’ve been wanting to buy or use and have never quite figured out how to dress it accordingly.

Fella’s this post is for you, enjoy…Love Alice!!


If you have sneakers in your closet, break those out! This is proof that you can wear a sport jacket with sneakers and jeans!


Here’s proof that you can wear shoes without socks….no shame in that game!


This guy has the right idea. Wear a suit and tie but do wear that long jacket to accentuate your shoe game…Fab!!


This guy above is wearing light colors with tassel loafers and of course no socks…see what did I tell ya? Socks are sometimes not a requirement in the men’s department.

Street style - London Collections Men Autumn Winter 2016

Of course, wearing a full Clements and Church suit and tie, London Sock Company socks with a Bera Bera tie and Tassel Loafers does wonders for you also.


Love these double monk strap shoes!!


Last but not least, you can wear a vest over a polo with sockless shoes or you can roll up your pants at the bottom making a minimal cuff with a sport jacket to finally get the look you’ve been seeing in many men’s magazines. It’s all up to you – own it and feel as cool and comfortable wearing your look! I hope I’ve inspired you to look in your closet and break out the wardrobe you’ve been longing to show off –

Till next time..





While surfing for writing inspiration, I happened to stumble upon the vintage designs of Italian designer Alberta Ferreti’s Spring 2016 Limited Edition Vintage Collection. If the pictures in this blog post doesn’t make you want to go out and seek any one of the beautifully, designed pieces ahead then I really don’t know what will. Check out the amazing collection below. Here you will find luxurious dresses, beautifully stitched pieces that further empower the Femme Fatal in any female.


Isn’t this dress amazing …I would love to have this picture just to frame it and look at it in my bedroom. So beautiful!


For all the black lovers of the world…eat your heart out!


Thoughts on this coat? I love the embroidery!


This coat is just stunning, I am so enamored by the amazing animal print!


What a beautiful dress but feast your eyes on that snake belt and the shoes…daring!


And naturally there has to be a dress to go along with that stunning coat you just saw above!


This dress is made for a goddess, don’t you think so?


Don’t like the long dresses, heres a short one and its in all black too!


Look at this beautiful masterpiece! Viva la roaring 20’s!


Beautiful swirl patterns and sparkly rose color lines make this dress a beauty!


This could be a vintage wedding dress, no?


If you like lace here is an amazing dress thats classic 1920’s!


This takes that little black dress to a whole new level!


Love all the embroidery on this pant suit as it makes this outfit look rich and sexy!


Last but not least, this stunningly embroidered wine colored dress. I love this color and the top part of it as it makes the dress look so chic.

I love the look of the 1920’s and that whole flapper movement. It was one of those era’s that I wish would be revived somehow. The dresses, headbands with feathers in them, short pixie cuts, and the glitz and glam were all the rage in that era. I would have loved to be a fly on the walls of the ballrooms in order to get a first perspective on what it was like to live in that part of history. Sadly that will never happen but seeing Alberta’s designs brought me to that place in time and I appreciate that.

I really think that Alberta Ferretti did an amazing job at capturing that essence of this movement in a fashion form. Well done Alberta Ferretti, can’t wait to see what you have in store for us next season! Arrivederci!!



I had been hearing for months about Beyonce possibly launching a fashion line but I often thought that it wouldn’t happen due to her massively busy schedule. Well, the wait is over and she finally dropped the ball and its an athletic leisurely clothing line. The clothing line is looking stunning right about now from what I can tell via the pictures. I may have to just check it out for myself and give you all the real details. Till then may I just say that she looks so refined and stunning in the pictures and video below – have a look for yourself, Enjoy!


If you haven’t see why she named it Ivy Park, click on this link!


Isn’t she just amazing…no really!


Her daughter is just so cute!


She really knows how to take anything to the next level! She’s amazing!


This is my favorite picture of her!


Yesssss Beyonce…get it girl!

Everyone knows that Beyonce is thus far amazing at what she does and this accomplishment is just one more for her long list of “been there, done that” records. She really is a jack of all trades and I can’t wait to see her line personally. I also can’t wait to see what else she has in store for the future…thank you Beyonce for slaying it and giving us something more to look forward to!



Its boot season once again and there is a real struggle going on with this fashionista. Every year I am constantly struggling with the same problem which is whether to go with a heel or flat, black, grey or brown, and whether to go knee high, ankle length or mid calf. Decision, decisions, and more decisions. Boy, I hope you are having better luck than me because I am so indecisive at this point. Check out the boots that I have been comtemplating on purchasing below…






Burberry Prorsum






Alaia Studded Suede boots



Why do companies always torture us women with so many choices, gosh too many to choose from! I truly want to buy them all but I guess if we didn’t have choices the world would be one big ole boring place huh? Hope you’ve had luck searching for your perfect pair of boots….As for me, I’m still on the hunt. Although these Aquazzura’s above us in brown are looking really amazing. I hope I can find my perfect pair of boots by the end of this week because this cold winter is getting here really quick.

Happy Shopping my friends!









Its about time…I heard about this collection via close friends of mine who were gawking over it online and I thought …no way is Balmain the brand of chicness collaborating with H&M. I mean come on how unusual is that right?

Well its becoming the norm in the fashion scene. Big designers are now hooking up with corporate brands in order to cater to the younger fashionistas who normally wouldn’t shop in the major designer stores. I don’t know if this would be great for fashion lovers everywhere but I will take it and strut down my chic runway happily.

The name Balmain speaks so much to me. Its classy, sexy, chic and its one brand that will never get old with time. I think Balmain is starting to come of age with the new generations of future fashionistas. Now they can wear a piece of the Balmain collection.

The collection itself is embellished with silk, embroidery, and even beading. This collection looks very sexy and chic to me so let me show you what Balmain has designed for us fashionistas. Hope you like it!


These colors are so beautiful together


The jacket to die for …sequins, sequins and more sequins!


I want this dress ..its stunning!


This is a dream..what wouldn’t I do for this look. I mean, how chic is this?


The pants go very well with these jackets…I want it! Look at those shoes and that sexy clutch!


Yes…love it!


Red is always a fabulous color and it makes these outfits just call to you! Notice the beautiful red clutch on the model (right) and the sexy handle that accentuates the sexy red color!

There you have it, Balmain x H&M are really tugging at our heart strings with this collection. With that said, who’s getting at least one piece from this collection? Let me know, I would love to see your pics!

Happy Shopping my friends!



Summer is almost gone, can you believe it? Well, I surely won’t have to remind you of it as you can tell from the commercials on tv and the summer wear seems to be disappearing from your local shops. But in all fairness, why would we care, theres so much fashion that can accommodate us for the those chilly, often frosty, Autumn and Winter months – don’t you agree?While perusing my favorite fashion sites, I came upon some Adam Selman’s fabulous 2016 collection and I love it but let me tell you and show you why.

If you can recall from way back when, Adam was the mastermind behind Michael Jackson and Britney Spears’ many wardrobes – oh, and lets not forget that unforgettable, daringly, sexy, see through dress (above) that Rihanna was wearing for the 2014 CFDA fashion awards. So lets see why his collection is so popular with me and others to date. Wow! If all that I’ve said so far doesn’t inspire you to check out his collection, nothing will. Wanna know what I’m loving about it – find some of my favorite pieces below…


Love the pattern of this knit dress and the length is just right!


This long robe is amazing, I wouldn’t mind roaming around the house in one of these..heck, I can even use it as an outdoor coat! Hey, why not?


I like this dress and skirt combo…now if only I was little bit taller, wishful thinking but its still so pretty!


Very Chic and Sophisticated!


Those pants are just fabulous and love the color of the jacket!


This red jumpsuit is everything!


So in love with this red and I love the grommets he uses on most of collection, so loving the 70’s and 80’s look.


Again, another dress with a color that I love.


Now this I could truly rock. I’m short so it would be the perfect size and with those grommets, I could surely rock this out.


This is my most favorite outfit of this collection, all that grommet and the fact that the clothes are chic, sexy, and comfy make it all the more wearable.

As you can tell Adam Selman is one of my favorite designers thus far. With all the flowy sexy, grommet laden, chic clothing he’s designed for his resort collection I am so enamoured by it all. When I shop for clothing, a piece or pieces have to call to me, it has to want me to look for more and this collection sure did that. I hope that his collection keeps being designed with this overall theme of loose, sexy chic, deep colorful fabrics. I can’t wait to see what he has for us in the next season of his collection. Well, I’m off to shop for some of his 2015 collection – Oh, and make room in my closets of course!

Happy Shopping my friends! Till the next post!






If you haven’t heard of Victoria Modesta then you must continue to read my post and fill yourself in..please I insist! I happened to stumble upon this amazingly stunning beauty while browsing thru articles online and man is she something to admire.

Viktoria is a pop artist/model who was born in Daugavpils, Latvia on February 25, 1988. Due to a doctors negligence at birth she had been in and out of hospitals which led to long lasting complications with her leg. In 2007, she decided to voluntarily amputate her leg below the knee to guarantee good health/wellness and she also wanted to make sure that she could get around as easily as she possibly could. Due to this physical difference she has been know to alter the visual perception of what beauty is and can be. This girl can sure rock it and hold her own…check out her stunning video and pics below, she is amazing!

This video clearly depicts that in the name of fashion, style, and beauty all things are possible. She just took it to the Umpteenth level and to me thats amazingly sexy! In this video you can depict a beautiful rendition of dark, gothic art and a whole lot of sexiness oozing all over. God, she is gorgeous! Love this!!


Can’t deny she is a beautiful chick!


She ain’t afraid to rock it in the name of fashion and beauty, No shame in her game — go Viktoria!

What did you think of the video? I must have watched it over and over about 20 times as its just that amazing! I’m gonna head back and watch it again but you, my reader, have to tell me your thoughts on this…is she stunning or what??

Happy Shopping my lovelies!!



Some of us are familiar with the fashion labels of Prada, Gucci, YSL and even Louis Vuitton but do have you really gotten to know who Bottega Veneta is?

I must admit that I am very guilty of overlooking this amazing label but lately I have had my eye on more than one of their amazing handbags/clothing items and I am obsessed. Between the colors, designs and amazing patterns this label has me hooked and I’m pretty sure that you will be too after checking out my faves. If you haven’t been familiar with this brand, check them out today but first review my favorites below and leave your impressions on my post in the comments section.


This is the bag that I have had my eye on…I love the texture and design of it! 


Check out the pattern of these pants, so cute I love them! 

Bottega Veneta

What a cute look, I need this in my life! 


This outfit makes me miss summer so much, its beautiful! 


The print on this bag is amazing! 


Here is another one of my favorite bags, can you tell I’m handbag obsessed?

 I hope that you can go visit their site and pick your favorites. Let me know what you picked and why they’re your favorite items.

Upon discovering or should I say finally noticing this overlooked label (on my part) I think I will be checking them out a lot more. I love their patterns and different designs and as a handbag lover that to me is just fabulous. From now on I will be a BV follower! I have my reasons, what are yours??

Happy Shopping my friends!!



I know that Spring is far from arriving anytime soon and Fashion Week is long gone. We are all getting back to our much needed normalcy in life and some of us are thinking ahead to the next fashion frenzy. The stress of trying to get to every show possible with out breaking a heel and making sure that you are impeccably dressed even if your uncomfortable is all a blur so now its time to focus on the beauty of what fashion designers have in store for next season.

Today I want to focus on the brand Altuzarra and its Spring Ready to Wear Collection. This season Altuzarra has provided us with long flowy dresses, leather basket weave skirts, tops, dresses and even gingham style seperates but let me not spoil it for you, have a good look for yourself!


I’m not a big fan of Gingham but this wardrobe selection seems to soothe my dislike for that particular fabric!


Not to fond of the neckline on this dress but the fabric is just beautiful, I would dare to wear!


I love this basketweave leather vest its so pretty and different –  I love different!


This ensemble is out of this world amazing…looks Gothic!


Hears that leather basketweave vest in black


Pretty dress and I love the neckline, just wish I was taller to be able to wear such a beautiful dress!


Now this one I can definitely do without looking like I’m wearing a nightgown – (sorry short girl here LOL)! I love the way its paired with a long black short blazer!


Oh yes, I’m in love with this skirt – beautiful!


Now this dress I wouldn’t be able to do but for those that can pull it off Kudos to you girl! So Jealous!


This would be great for my next fashion event, I may just put this on my must have list!


Sexy and figure flattering, my kind of outfit!


Lovely dress with beautiful floral patterns, perhaps this one will be on my have list also. Its really figure flattering and sexy, I love it!

Altuzarra has definitely caught my attention and this Spring is looking mighty lovely. The colors, fabrics and flower patterns are just so figure flattering and chic. For those that can pull off some of these items I’m really jealous of you right now and for those shorter girls like me as you can see we have options. They may not be what we are lusting over on this blog but we do have sexy options that keep us fashionably relevant. I’m happy if I can at least see myself in just a handful of these, hey – that’s better than nothing right? I leave it at that for now and let me know what you think of these Spring fashions, are they your must haves for the season or not really? Comment below!

Happy Shopping my dear friends!