Is skincare important to you? Do you pamper your skin the way you should?  Is your skincare regimen up to par? If you answered maybe or absolutely not to these questions, I may have the perfect solution for you.

I have sensitive skin and I learned the hard way that I cannot put anything that hits the market on my face without researching it vigorously. I tend break out in bumps and blotches that almost look like hives. When I carelessly apply products the allergic reactions to the by products in certain beauty items is instant. I also found out that I cannot use products that contain Alpha Hydroxy or Retinol. These ingredients can almost burn my skin to the point that I need to wash them off as soon as possible. So that changed the whole beauty game for me since I needed to search for skincare that would cater to my sensitivity! I only use a handful of items that are safe for me and it sucks to be limited to those few. But I believe I was at the right place at the right time and I have found my holy grail in body and skincare…Let me share what works for me!

Let me introduce you to Sensual Beauty and boy is this gonna change the way you take care of your face and body.


Miss Zephorah Nure – Orangina heels and Photo by Authentic By John Ashford

Let me introduce you to the beautiful owner of Sensual Beauty. Her name is Miss Zephorah Nure and this beautiful lady is also known for her famous legs! Hmmmm? I wonder why -Vava Voom LOL!

Did you lose your train of thought? Yeah I’m sure you did so let’s focus on this skincare  then come back to check out the pic of Miss Nure laterz. Okay so as I was saying, these Hawaiian Spa Bath & Beauty products are the bomb.com and I really cannot lie about it. Lets look at each of these products as a whole and individually shall we?


There are many products to this Hawaiian Spa Bath and Beauty Line but I decided to purchase a set for myself. I believe they may be purchased individually but I suggest purchasing a whole package as they all seem to compliment each other in one way or another.



I’m in love with this Mint Mud Masque!!!

Let’s start with my favorite product from the line – The Mint Mud Masque.  Before I discovered this masque I was using various products that were safe for sensitive skin but they weren’t my holy grail. This heavenly product came along and wow am I so excited with my results that I’ve almost ditched my other products. I use it two to three times a week as recommended and its made such a difference in the appearance of my skin. Before I had some pimples on my jawline and I’m highly allergic to Alpha Hydroxy and Retinol products and ever since I’ve been using this masque faithfully, my pimples have disappeared and my face is so much smoother and softer. All you do is apply some of this product on and wait for it to slightly dry and rinse or wipe off, thats it! That to me is fabulous and it smells like fresh mint just picked out of your garden. Gotta love it!


Next is the Gorgeous Gardenia Sea Minerals Hydra-Silk Renewing Lotion and this is also a gem in this product line. Its smells just like if you’re in a field of soft gardenia’s. So imagine putting this on your face and experiencing it for yourself. It smells yummy and I apply this after using my mint masque and my skin feels so soft and smooth and I’m ready for my day or night whichever one I prefer to use it for. Just apply and enjoy the way it makes you feel!


But wait …there’s more and here’s another gem to this line. The Sensual Sugar Scrub but this isn’t just any ordinary sugar scrub it has natural shea butter and honey. So when you smooth this on your skin it feels buttery soft and (please don’t do this LOL) its good enough to almost eat. You put it on your body, massage for a few minutes and it melts instantly making your application a pleasantly soft experience. This is a great product for your body but its also good for a before or after bikini wax soother. Note* Even though it says sugar scrub and it smells fabulous, do not apply this to the face area – only use on your body!


Okay, now I introduce to you the ultimate me time incentive. You have to admit that we all need that amazing quiet me time – I know I do and this is where I highly appreciate this product line. In the above picture I share with you the Gorgeous Gardenia Luxury Bubble Bath. Just turn the water on and pour little of this in there and Voila your ready for your ultimate take away relaxation moment. Get in and soak for as long as you like, when you’re done you will truly smell and feel the difference on your skin. If you love the smell of Gardenia and soft, silky, skin then you need this in your life!


Okay so there are a number of products in the Sensual Beauty line as you can see and  they can really make you feel sensuous and sexy. But here I give you another item that I simply LOVE, LOVE, LOVE! Okay I have discovered that this Heavenly Hibiscus Silky Body Oil is an essential part of this beauty line. Why? Because this oil in my opinion completes the product line – its truly a must have! I love to use this oil after I wash my face at night, I just pour alittle on the palm of my hands and apply to my face and the next morning my face feels rejuvenated. You can also use this for your body especially your legs. Ladies, it’s summer and if you want those silky, soft, amazing looking legs – this is your go to product. You need this in your life! We all need this in our lives LOL!

image2 2

image1 2

Finally there’s one last product I want you to check out and thats the Pleasure Potion Tea! This tea is made with natural herbs and from what I’ve heard its an amazing relaxation drink. I can’t wait to try it myself – lord knows I need that! Check out the beautiful packaging and the can the product comes in…so pretty! If you’re not into all the spa products then at least try that pleasure potion tea – I’m sure once you try the tea the rest of the line will be of your interest!

Oh and I totally forgot to mention that this line was created with sensuality in mind so don’t be afraid to explore the sensuous side if these products with your significant other! Oh and Mothers day is coming up soon, doesn’t she deserve a day of spa treatment?

Hint, Hint: That sensuous oil sure does spark curiosity and the lovers imagination – okay, moving on….place your order today I highly recommend this for all the ladies that love  100 percent natural products in their body and skincare!

Order your products here: Sensual Beauty

Email – Zephorah Nure: Aloha@sensualbeauty.boutique for more product info and questions you may have!




Its definitely cold outside with this heavy hitter of a blizzard this side of the country is experiencing today but lets just take a moment to put this all away and think about what’s coming after this is all gone! You know it….Summer is right around the corner and this blog post will surely put you there front and center. What do most of us do in the summertime – we travel or relax in one way or another. Traveling can be either physical or mental – either way we tend to think of lots of the sun in your face, floating in the pool, sand in your toes, Caribbean breeze while on the beach sipping on a yummy island drink or a cold one! Ughhh, I’m so there right now!

Okay, let me just stop and show you what I mean with the following pics …thank me for it later!


Get your swimsuits ready or at least start looking for the one you would love to wear!

Circle of flip flops on grass.

It’s also flip flop season …there are those that love these, I prefer sandals!


I love this season because of the awesome road trips you can take anywhere your heart desires! Start thinking of where you’d like to go…c’mon get going!


Alittle surfing here or there…


Drinks by the beach…how delicious!


Sunbathing or just snoozing on a yacht is always a great day of relaxing


Maybe you’d rather enjoy a late night swim or a pool gathering with friends in a gorgeous pool like this one… I know I would!


Oh, I almost forgot about the best part of the warm weather … the smell of food in the air! Mmmmm….Ribs on the barbi!


At night the most rewarding thing for me is watching a gorgeous sunset on the horizon! Beautiful, isn’t it?


Now’s a great time to start putting your summer reading list together…I’m already working on mine, are you?


Ice cold drinks to go with that amazing food….Yessss!


Oops, can’t forget about the kids…let them go out, run around and explore their surroundings! If you take my advice they will sleep better at night…more quiet time for you!

So there it is…what did you think? Is it hot enough for you? These pictures sure brought me to a warm happy existence and it took my mind off of the mess that we have going on outside…Summer is surely my favorite time of the year. So much to do and see, so many friends to meet with, so many relaxation options to choose from. Whatever you choose to plan for this summer enjoy it, take lots of pics but best of all smile. Enjoy the time that summer has to offer and look forward to it the next year!

Happy Summer!!



My time in Nyc is winding down to the last day and I have to head back home but first I bring you one more fashion post to feast your eyes on. This one I guarantee your going to love and much as I do.

I had the opportunity to attend a photoshoot for my good friend shoe designer John Ashford from Authentic by John Ashford and it was awesome. The two models Mindy and Melinda from BMG Models were amazingly beautiful with makeup done by MUA Londone Trebor (he’s amazingly talented) and the Jewelry provided by Material Girls Boutique  was just fabulous. The location was in the heart of Nyc and I have never seen so many people take out their cameras and take pics of the actual shoot itself, I was seriously excited. The comments about the shoes were off the charts and I was so happy to have supported my fellow friends for this event. But don’t let me spoil this moment for you…check out the pics below!


Shoe Designer John Ashford helping the model put on those amazing Authentic handmade “I do” wedding platforms!


Need a makeup artist email Londone (his info is below), he’s just really good at what he does! The models look phenomenal!


Take a look at those beauties, Ummm yeah I’ll take both pairs please! Left: Authentic “Ndeble Night” Suede Platforms handmade by John Ashford


Mr. Ashford hard at work, working hard as always – he won’t stop – can’t stop!

This photoshoot was amazing – congrats to the jewelry stylist (Material Girlz Boutique), MUA Londone Trebor and both models Mindy and Melinda for a very creative awesome shoot. John Ashford, thanks for letting me tag along on this photoshoot! It was so exciting, and amazing!

 Shoe Inquiries: http://www.authenticbyjohnashford.com

Jewelry by http://www.shopmgboutique.us

Jewelry Inquiries:  Material_girlz94@yahoo.com

 Makeup by Artist Londone Trebore

MUA inquiries: LondoneTrebore@gmail.com



I have mentioned in some of my blog posts that I am appreciative of the people that I meet in this new chapter of my life. I feel so excited and am so eager to learn from every experience along the way. While attending a photoshoot in New York City, I had been introduced to a phenomenal photographer named Steven Bagley. I didn’t know who he was until I was told that he has photographed major models and celebrities, now I was intrigued. The rich and famous fly him all over the world to be photographed and his work does not lie, he also specializing in photographing the most beautiful women using natural light and his surroundings.  He has also won Model Mayhem’s Photographer of the year, now thats a huge accomplishment, congrats to you Steven – well deserved. I have seen his amazing photos and they are truly works of beauty and art. Heck, I even want to purchase one of his photos so that I can frame it and hang it in my bedroom, thats how amazing his work is. He has a vision and he produces the most amazing photographs I have ever laid my eyes upon.

Who is this phenomenal photographer? Steven Bagley was born in Philadephia in a family of photography lovers. He left home at the age of 19 to travel and in Rome he studied to become a film editor and worked as an assistant film editor for NDR in Hamburg and Radio Bremen in Germany. He currently lives in New York City where he works from his midtown Manhattan studio. He also has access to his rooftop so that means amazingly beautiful Manhattan backdrops with beautiful models. Check out the pictures below, these do no lie!

Siray Kong

 Siray Kong

April Thornton

(Above) Model:Apryl Thornton – She’s beautiful! 

Hair and Makeup: David Stella Traylor

Laree Starke

Model: Laree Starke – Beautiful face! 

Steven Bagley4

Model: KariJo Goodwin – Sexy!! 

Steven Jennifer Lynn

Model: Jennifer Lynn – She has the body and the looks, stunning! 

Steven Karin Kamala Agstam

Model: Karim Kamala Agstam – I had the privilege of seeing her photoshoot she’s just as beautiful in person! 

Steven Nihan

Model: Nihan Arpacayir – This is one of my favorite photos! 

Steven Noella Diaz

Model: Noella Diaz – I love this lady, she has a unique look to her! 

Steven Veronica LaVery

Model: Ermina Mila – Amazing! 

Hair and Makeup Artist: Emina Mila

Model: Veronica LaVery – I love black and white photography, I find it so beautiful! 


Model: Elmira Minnakhmetova – Stunning! 

Hair Makeup: Vjolica Broca


Model: KariJo Goodwin – Check out this rooftop pic and her face, Lord! 


Miss New Jersey: Jennifer Lynn – She has a pretty smile! 


Model: Jennifer Lynn – Those eyes! 


Model: Heidi Fahrenbach – This pic is amazing! 


Model: Keely Bellamy – Those eyes are mesmerizing! 


Beautiful, just beautiful!


Model: Veronica LaVery – She has a unique look! 


This black and white photo is amazing, great job Steven! 


Steven Bagley, an amazing, talented photographer!

Now what do you think of his work! Amazing right? This man is so talented and he is such a professional at what he does that even the models at a photoshoot that I was invited to were feeling so comfortable in their environment. Now that should tell you what kind of person he is. He is always smiling, is very polite, and accommodating. So if your ever in NYC and want to do a photoshoot with him for whatever occasion it may be, get ahold of him. I recommend him for all your photo needs and from the looks of his work its so worth it! Check out the links below for more info on his work and how to contact him…







Palace Of Versailles in France

 I have never been to the Palace of Versailles in France but from what I have read about it, its seriously beautiful! From its opulent gardens to Marie Antoinette’s Estate – its made for ultimate royalty! So on my travels in Brooklyn, Nyc I happened to see a store named Versailles and what was in the windows of this store made me double back and want to find out more about it. I went in and I’m glad I did because what I saw was very pleasing to my eyes. If you love dressing up and shopping your gonna love this post!


Heres the front of the store, love the letters, so pretty! Photo: courtesy of Versailles, Brooklyn Nyc

 This store is located in the best spot in BK at 194 Flatbush Avenue btw Dean and Bergen Streets, right in front of the Barclays Center. What better area to be in and you can’t miss it as your walking by your bound to see the beautiful storefront with the amazing dressing that are to die for. I went in and I didn’t know on what dress to focus on as there were so many beauties in my sight and the decor of the store was just stunning. As I stood there with my mouth half open I could hear the sewing machine buzzing downstairs. Apparently, they have a seamstress or tailor on site which makes your shopping experience more enjoyable. The owner Moussa Dia (a Senegalese fashion designer) greeted me and I asked if I could browse and take pictures for my blog. He was so nice and pleasant and he let me do so as I told him I would feature his amazing store on my blog. I’m glad that I get to share this women’s clothing store with you but wait there’s more!

This amazing store has been known to be frequented by many celebrities. Some of them are KMichelle, Yandi Smith, Beyonce, Mary J Blige, Lil Kim, Erica Mena, Tahiry, Trina, Renee G and Natalia Guercio from Mobwives just to name a few. I had hoped to run into a celebrity on this day but no dice…maybe next time LOL. In all seriousness, if your looking to get a unique, custom made, one of a kind dress or outfit go and visit Versailles. I’m sure they will make you look like the exquisite queen that you are. Check out the amazing pics below and see why I love Versailles…


I saw this beautiful wedding dress and I immediately gravitated towards it. Just stunning!


Isn’t this one just beautiful, love that lime green color!


What do you think about this silver dress, its made for a movie star!


There were so many beautiful dresses around me that I didn’t know where to look first…I loved every minute of being there.


One of my favorites, check out all that blingy silver and the train…Lord have mercy!


Here’s a few photos of celebrities that have had custom dresses made by Versailles!

Beautiful Decor...fit for a palace indeed!

Beautiful Decor…fit for a palace indeed!

Love this color, its stunning!

Love this color, its stunning!

Fit For a Beautiful Queen

Love this dress, the bling is just out of this world!


Apparently they also custom make bathing suit, My God how perfect!


Store Address and Phone Number


They’re even on Facebook! Love it!

If you fell in love with at least one of these dresses then you need to visit Versailles in Brooklyn asap, I’m sure that the dress of your dreams is just a stitch away from a dream come true! If you can’t make it to Brooklyn, give them a call or contact them on any of their social media pages for more info on their services! Thank you to Mr. Moussa Dia for letting me take photos of your beautiful dresses for my blog, I appreciate it so much. Happy Shopping Everyone!


Alison Houtte, owner of Houte Couture in Brooklyn, NYC

Alison Houtte, owner of Houte Couture in Brooklyn, NYC

I want to retell a story about an amazing lady that perhaps has been told over and over again by most that know who she is. But for those that don’t know her story or are not familiar with my amazing friend then you haven’t really taken a good look at the cover of most magazines and really paid attention to the runways in the much talked about fashion world. Who is she and why should you get to know her? Read on to learn more….

My story starts while on an impromptu trip to my brothers house in Brooklyn, NY. Flatbush Avenue to be exact and its known for its up and coming, forever-changing, storefronts. Today a coffee shop and tomorrow maybe a shoe store, the next week who knows. In my travels to Brooklyn, I had never noticed this as much as when I was there recently. I browsed through several storefronts looking for familiarity but I realized that the Avenue had changed or maybe I wasn’t paying attention as much as I thought I was. Getting off the train at the Barkeley Center and taking a leisurely stroll after a long and well thought out lower Manhattan trip (I love the subway) I slowly walked from one store front to another and there was one particular store that I had passed up the day before as I didn’t think I would like any of the merchandise inside. I happened to have the courage to go in to browse and on this day is when I met the store owner, Alison Houtte. She is an amazing lady with so much energy and happiness that not even the world can contain it – now thats amazing. Heres where I learned about her story and who she really was and quite the story it is!

Alison Houtte is the fabulous owner of an amazing store in Brooklyn called Houte Couture located at 321 Flatbush Avenue in Brooklyn. Her store caters to mens, women’s fashions, and accessories that are vintage. Alison worked as a model for 10 plus years in Paris and Manhattan. She also appeared in such publications as Vogue, Marie Claire, and a Dr. Pepper Commercial just to name a few. Her amazing store has graced the pages of many publications such as WWD (Womens Wear Daily) and NYT (New York Times). Alison together with her sister Melissa Houtte who lives in Miami have co – authored a book called Aligators, Old Mink and New Money: One Woman’s Adventures in Vintage Clothing.  I haven’t read her book yet but from the reviews everyone loves the content and also state that its helpful in understanding how this idea of Vintage works. Most readers also love it because they would love to break into the field of Vintage shop ownership like her and this book helps them get things started. Now thats inspiration! I myself kinda knew what vintage was but didn’t really have a good grasp on it till I walked into her store and saw what the word Vintage really meant. As I browsed her racks upon racks and racks of clothing I thought – Good Lord, if this is what Vintage is all about then sign me up because I’m loving it.. I even winded up buying a short jacket and a scarf pictured below, can’t wait to wear them when I get back to work!

Short coat that I purchased at Houte Couture, I love the soft fabric!

Short coat that I purchased at Houte Couture, I love the soft fabric!


This jacket looks blue above but its an actual pretty grayish color – love these buttons too! The fabric is a soft corduroy which I’m in love with!

Rounded Lapels...so vintage indeed!

Rounded Lapels…so vintage indeed!

Not sure what label this jacket comes from but who cares its beautiful - thank you Alison!!

Not sure what label this jacket comes from but who cares its beautiful – thank you Alison!!

Her store is amazing and if theres one place that I recommend to go browse and shop its called of course, Houte Couture. I guarantee you will find something you love there and you will be back for more. From the day that I stepped in this fabulous store, I was hooked and there was no turning back! Check out the pictures below of her amazing store, whats not to love about it – its just fabulous and her staff that works there are also helpful and kind. You won’t be disappointed and you like I will be asking yourself, why didn’t I know about this place earlier? More pics below….

Meet the beautiful Alison Houtte, owner of Houte Couture!

Meet the beautiful Alison Houtte, owner of Houte Couture!


If you haven’t read this book, you gotta get it – the reviews on it are just amazing! I need to get my hands on a copy of this ASAP!

Jewelry, fabulous Jewelry - If your into Jewelry she has that too!

Jewelry, fabulous jewelry – If your into jewelry she has that too!

love the way this mannequin is accessorized!

Closer look at the half bust mannequin and you can see that her accessories are so unique! Again my urge to buy was really telling me spend, spend, spend!


Cute top and accessories…God I love it!

You need sunglasses, she has that too!

You need sunglasses, she has that too!

She even has more than just clothes those hats are everything!

She even has more than just clothes, check out those hats aren’t they everything!

More accessories and watches!

Accessories, beautiful pearls and watches!

More shoes and accessories, I have so many shoes I had to resist the urge to buy!

More shoes and accessories, I have so many shoes I had to resist the urge to buy!


Love those orange glasses, so chic!

Houte Couture is an amazing place and you will get lost in the immense amount of merchandise that she has on the racks and any little nook and space of the store. Don’t be afraid to go in and browse, take as much time as you need and don’t be afraid to ask for help. Her and her staff are friendly and they will help you as much as they can. So go ahead and stop by – oh and say hello to Alison for me and tell her that I sent you! Happy Vintage Shopping!!!


Authentic "Golden Crunch" wedges made by John Ashford - photo by John Ashford

Authentic “Golden Crunch” wedges made by John Ashford – Photo: John Ashford

Nyc is the mecca for all kinds of hobbies and activities known to us humans. It is also known for its great backdrops for photography enthusiasts, fashion designers, artists and whatever other hobbies or professions you can think of. Stroll through the city just getting off of a train or bus and you can see these influences everywhere you look. It isn’t that hard to get inspired, your passion for whatever sparks your interest will be bombarded by the sights and sounds and you’ll want to delve right into whatever it is that your interested in or want to know a little more about it. Such is what has happened to me and I have been fortunate meet a few people that are professional in their particular artistic field  – Shoe designer (John Ashford of Authentic by John Ashford – I’m a huge shoe lover), photographer (Steven Bagley) and videographer (Steven Taitt).

As we headed out to the location of the photoshoot I had several questions lingering in my head. Would this photographer get along with me, someone who had no idea of what a photoshoot even was or looked like ? Would he be snobbish or conceited in any way? All those pressing questions and my negative perception of all professional photographers was unfounded! Enough said!

I was soon afterward introduced to Steven Bagley in his Nyc studio and he wasn’t one of “those” photographers. He is an amazing individual who is humble and so easy going. He interacted with me, joked around and even offered us several food items to eat which was a nice gesture on his part since he didn’t have to in the first place but he did and it was highly appreciated by all of us. This man made everyone feel comfortable and friendly. Even the models that were at the shoot Svetlana and Karin were comfortable when given instructions by him. He’s just that fabulous and together with Shoe designer John Ashford’s ideas and Steven Taitt the Videographer this trio worked their magic and pulled this amazing shoot off and made it look so easy. Trust me it was hours of work but so gratifying! Check out the pictures below and go visit John Ashford at his site: http://www.authenticbyjohnashford.com to order and see his collection of amazing handmade shoes.

Samoilova wearing Authentic "Green Tea" pumps made by John Ashford

Samoilova wearing Authentic “Green Tea” pumps made by John Ashford


Svetlana and Karin posing for Steven Bagley with Authentic by John Ashford “Green Tea” pumps and “Charlottes Web” wedges


John Ashford making sure that the shoe fits…Notice the other amazing pair of shoes that are nearby. Lord, they’re gorgeous!


An Authentic handmade collection of Shoes made by John Ashford


Karin wearing those fabulous “Golden Crunch” Wedges handmade by John Ashford of Authentic by John Ashford…Wow this picture came out amazing – those are a beautiful pair of magnificent shoes! Photo: Steven Bagley, Stylist: John Ashford

Svetlana steaming up photoshoot, Lord she is amazingly photogenic!

Svetlana steaming up the photoshoot, Lord she is amazingly photogenic! Shoes: “Rock Cheetah” platforms made by Authentic by John Ashford. Steven Bagley is amazing!


Time to try on those beautiful handmade shoes!

Steven Taitt, Svetlana and shoe designer John Ashford showing photographer Steven Bagley how its done!

Steven Taitt, Svetlana and shoe designer John Ashford showing photographer Steven Bagley how its done!

Lets take a closer look at those shoes, shall we?

Lets take a closer look at those shoes, shall we? Amazing!

An angel that just got her wings!

An angel that just got her wings and a pair of amazingly hot shoes!

This is what happens in between shots, time for an Authentic by John Ashford break

This is what happens in between shots, time for an Authentic by John Ashford break

Steven Bagley working his magic behind the lens

Steven Bagley working his magic behind the lens

Behind the scenes look at  how the prepping is done for various shots

Behind the scenes look at how the prepping is done for various shots!

Svetlana wearing Authentic "Ndeble Night" suede platforms made by John Ashford. Photo: Stephen Bagley, Stylist: John Ashford - www.authenticbyjohnashford.com

Svetlana wearing Authentic “Ndeble Night” suede platforms made by John Ashford. Photo: Stephen Bagley, Stylist: John Ashford – http://www.authenticbyjohnashford.com

Many people may seem to think that photoshoots are fun and easy, yes they can be fun but it’s all about capturing the moment and why your actually there. For all of us: it was photographing these beauties wearing Authentic by John Ashford Shoes which Steven Bagley did an amazing job at it. For me, it was assisting in any way I could and soaking in as much of this once in a lifetime experience as I could possibly take in. All in all it was a win win for everyone and most of all the lovely models seemed to feel comfortable in their own skin and have fun at the shoot! John Ashford had several amazing ideas at the photoshoot, it was amazing how one idea led to another and it all came out so beautiful in pictures. Let the pictures above speak for themselves and show how much fun and amazing the shoes came out in this photoshoot – once again, thank you John Ashford, Steven Bagley and Steven Taitt for an amazing experience. Hope to attend another one of these amazing photoshoots with these amazing individuals in the near future.

Steven Bagley, John Ashford and Me...had so much fun thanks everyone!

Steven Bagley, John Ashford and Me…had so much fun thanks everyone!



While on one of my walks window shopping through Flatbush Avenue in Brooklyn, I never really realized how many amazing people you can meet by just stopping into a local shop and having a decent conversation with the shop owner. Thats what happened to me and I really wonder why it occurred this way, it was a true blessing.

One this day I met a shop owner called Alison of Hooti Couture located at 321 Flatbush Avenue in Brooklyn. If you’ve never stopped in and met her yet, you gotta get there and say hello. She is a very smart, savvy, business oriented lady with an energetic, high spirited attitude which I truly love. She is beautiful! But we will leave the story about her and her store for another post. It will be amazing one for sure!

So on the day that I met Allison, I mindlessly browsed through her amazing store and had mentioned to her that I loved her merchandise. She excitedly handed me a flyer and invited me to her burlesque show. I was surprised because I had always wanted to attend one of these shows but in my neck of the woods these are far and few. I kindly thanked her and told her that I would happily attend and she stated that I would be her designated photographer for the day and we would meet and greet people at the door. Whoa, designated photographer LOL…I was in shock! How could a lady that just met me designate me a perfect stranger to take pictures of her most important event. My god, the pressure was on and I was happy to accept the invitation but was feeling the heat by the time I walked out the store!

When the day finally arrived and I saw a lot of friendly faces surrounding me. I also noted how smoothly Alison moved from guest to guest greeting and making conversations with everyone as she walked back and forth among the crowd. She was a true hostess and I truly admired her ability to make friends with everyone that walked through the door. I must admit I myself am too shy to even try to work a room like she did so flawlessly. This lady amazed me, for sure!!

In light of how the event went and how it was a huge success, I hope that these pictures below represent all that is Hooti Couture and The Silky Sirens! I’m your number one fan ladies!! You sure did represent Brooklyn really well!


Sexy ladies and beautiful smiles!

Darlene looks like she's enjoying herself, she's all smiles!

Darlene looks like she’s enjoying herself, she’s all smiles!


White looks like the perfect color for a day like today! Perfection!

Check out that jewelry, she sure is a sexy boss!

Check out that jewelry, she sure is a sexy boss!


Nicole Cherry was displaying some of her jewelry for sale. I can’t lie I had my eye on a few of those pieces, they were so pretty!

The Cherri Jewel Collection

The Cherri Jewel Collection


Rosie 151….She done outdid her sexy self, her performance was steaming up the place, Good Lord!!


Ladies repeat after me – “Say SEXY” !!!


Lola “Luscious” is dangerous….check out that mischievous face. Need I say more!


These ladies are all about laughing and having fun, now I definitely got time for that!!


Lola “Luscious” and Me – I told you all that Lola Luscious was dangerous … that face says it all!!


Me and Sake Feva, I’m so happy to have finally met her…she’s amazing!

It was an amazing evening and I would highly recommend one of the burlesque events to all that are considering attending but have second thoughts. Its enjoyable and the performances will make you laugh. You will be in awe with all the talent and sexiness on stage. You won’t regret it. To my dear newfound friend Alison – you really did put together an amazing event, it was fabulous! Thank you so much for your trust in me and thanks to all the attendees that made me feel welcome on this day. I really appreciate it! It was so much fun, hope to attend another one soon.