Here it is again, the dynamic duo Johnny Platinum Plus (The Host with the Most) and DJ AyCE International are once again bringing us fire from Brooklyn, Nyc. This time its the new Volume Sweet 16, and trust me its amazing. I was blessed to be the first one to get my hands on this edition and I have had it on repeat ever since. Let me just state that JOHNNY PlATINUM PLUS and my favorite Dj AyCE International, always kill it every single time. This time, as always, it is awesome in English and Spanish you’ll love what this dynamic duo has in store for you?


Isn’t Lavenda Monroe beautiful..she was on JOHNNY PLATINUM PLUS’ first tour – currently residing in Los Angeles


For starters, that intro with Dave Chapelle is brilliant and I couldn’t be more satisfied with this amazing first impression. There is something for everyone to enjoy here and if you are a fave of diverse sound in music, there’s a plethora for your listening enjoyment. There’s the fresh sound of hip hop, a little soul, Reggaeton, and a few other diverse beats/sound/flavors to keep you entertained for hours on end. The music flows beautifully and the MC’s voices can be heard clearly, unlike other mixtapes that I’ve listened to that are extremely hard to understand. This one meshes well with the beats, voices (which are amazing) and the transition from one artist to another is simply smooth and so easy. In this edition, there is a mix of fresh sounds from various eras of the music industry that make you want to get up, dance, or sing – almost like if the artists are there right in front of you which is awesome. Johnny Platinum Plus is definitely killin it in the Underground music industry and DJ AyCE International is always making us all wanna dance when he’s spitting out fire on them 1’s and 2’s. On the English version you will hear the sounds of Wutang (legendary), Mobb Deep, Snoop Dogg, KRS1 (for those that grew up in the amazing 80’s), Jay-Z and, Jay Electronica and Royce Da 5’9. These unsigned MC’s on this project are also fire. It includes Zizzo from Staten Island, Ike Ruffin from Long island, Big Will from St Louis, SB from Chi-Town, Baller Brown, Trble, and The Real Nomaad from the Boogie Down bronx.


Now Im not finished just yet – I failed to mention that theres more to this than just the mixtape in sound itself  – there is also a visual component added to this dopeness and a free Arizona Iced Tea comes with every CD or thumbdrive you make – how cool is that? Check it below … or

If you want to buy this mixtape you can also have it in a USB component for your visual enjoyment.


Surprises await those that can obtain this thumb drive also!


I love these legendary Rockstar Stickers…If I’m not mistaken – I believe they aren’t available anymore..huge collectors items!  They come with every mixtape purchase!


Pure Fire…get it before its gone!!

My final thoughts: Diverse Beats and Diverse MC’s = Diverse Sound which in turn = Fabulousness…simply put – you need this mixtape in your collection! If you’re looking for music thats different from all the garbage out there – go and check this mixtape out. The artistry here is undeniably dope and highly recommended by myself and others who have heard of this duo/trios amazing other mixtapes that have been released in the past. Johnny Platinum Plus and DJ AyCE International together have always been a powerhouse of dope beats and sounds, now with addition of DJ TYONE there’s an addition of hip hop flavor.. You need to really sit back and listen to the sounds, beats, and put it on repeat so you can appreciate what the artists, sounds, and the whole mixtape itself is all about. These three amazing artists are phenomenal together and if you mix in a few other heavy hitters in the MC game then you will have a blast listening to it and sharing it…its just that good! Don’t take my word for it…do yourself the favor!

– Interested in getting your copy of the mixtape – contact DJ AyCE International at or

Go check it, ahora, pronto, rapido — ehhh, you know what I mean LOL!



Today I’m veering away from fashion for a bit and instead I’m going to write about some awesome music which I rarely do write about! This music really does merit a special space on my blog especially since its amazing and I really enjoy it.

This past weekend I got an invite from my amazing friend DJ AyCE International to the VIP rooftop Johnny Platinum Plus Mixtape Volume 15 Hot Sauce release event in Brooklyn, New York. Wow… thats alot to say in one sentence LOL but trust me it was well worth the trip and my wordiness.

This VIP rooftop event felt like the right ambience and the visuals I captured on my camera from up there were so amazing I couldn’t believe I was actually there taking it all in. There was also a small fashion show from my favorite designer John Ashford featuring his amazing models who rocked his shoes and made me want to buy every pair. My day went from fabulous to amazing when I saw Johnny Platinum Plus make an appearance and boy was he just as amazing in person. If you haven’t heard of him you have to look him up (Insta:Johnnyplatinumplus) he’s energetic and loves the ladies but his passion is truly in his music. His mixtapes are hot (like hot sauce) and really awesome to listen to. He has two different mixtapes out right now – a Hip Hop version and a Latin version for those that love Reggaeton and latin music. There was also food, drinks and lots of meaningful, intelligent conversation. Okay, I won’t spoil it for you and you can check it out for yourself as the pictures speak for themselves….

Isn’t this view amazing…them clouds though!!

We’re ready, lets go…Microphone check please!

Turntables and Red Stripe Lager Beer, perfect combination

DJ AyCE International in the mix

DJ AyCE International took over the turntables for a bit – he was killing it!

If you need a change in music choice and your a huge hip hop fan – you gotta listen to the Johnny Platinum Plus Hip Hop Hot Sauce Mixtape …its AliceInColorland approved and its really “HOT”! Not a fan of Hip Hop – no problem, read on…

Johnny Platinum Plus also has a Hot Sauce Latin Mixtape for you! This one is amazing also, I was just listening to it in my car and I wanted to pull over and dance. Its a great mix of Reggaeton, Salsa, and a few Spanish classics that some of us Latin music lovers can relate to. Its perfectly mixed so you’ll be shocked at how great it sounds!

There beer was chilled beer for the beer lovers in attendance…doesnt that look refreshing? Trust me there was a lot more than what you see here!

There was also chicken and “Hot Sauce” which was a was a hit… it was really freakin good! Check out the Lvovpoland Vodka in the background!

Music, Beer, friends, and food…what more could you ask for!

Dj AyCE International and DJ Ty One in the house..they were enjoying themselves!

Oh and can’t forget about John Ashford’s Spring Fashion featuring his amazing, hot, sexy shoes! Here’s the beautiful model Zephora rocking these lovely see through boots out!

Check these out…love the colors!

These strappy thigh high boots rocked the house….Fire!!!

The models were making things hot up on this rooftop… those shoes though!

It was hard to pick a favorite out of all these beautiful designs!

Finally!! I was so excited to finally see Johnny Platinum Plus in person and put a face to the name (well almost LOL). Here he is posing with mixtape cover model Khaliseecakes…this made my day!

Johnny Platinum Plus charming the ladies, he’s amazing…you need to look him up today!

I was sad my time in New York City was nearing to an end but I’m happy to have been invited to this event. I got to spend time with DJ AyCE International and John Ashford at this event – I’m stoked I got a two for one LOL. I also got to listen to Johnny Platinums mixtape on a rooftop on the most beautifulest day and enjoy the scenery too. What more could I ask for? Trust me, this to me was priceless and I could never imagine that I would ever have such an awesome experience in Brooklyn, Ny… trust me these people know how to party LOL.

If your interested in any of Johnny Platinum Plus’ Mixtapes or future events please email me at for more info!

Johnny Platinum Plus will be in the following cities: Washington, DC/Dallas, Texas/Atlanta, Georgia….Hit me up for more info!




Fashion week is in full swing and this week I’m in Nyc. I love to be in the city for exciting events, meeting lovely people, and of course my obsession attending and blogging about fashion shows wherever they may be. Yesterday I had the exciting opportunity to attend Authentic by John Ashford and Shadeth’s Fall/Winter presentation and if you missed it you definitely missed out on a really great show. The event was held at Voga Lounge & Grill, Nyc and the decor was really chic and it was the perfect setting for the models to show off their Authentic by John Ashord’s amazing collection of sexy shoes. The models were also wearing fashions by designer Shadeth – if you like unique fashions then check out her site at SHADETH.COM – her designs are amazing! Check the pics below….


Fashions by Shadeth and Shoes by Authentic by John Ashford


Love these shoes, especially the ones on the right – I would wear these just for the stares and the shock factor! 


The models are looking really amazing, the clothes, the shoes – its all so beautiful!


Beautiful Models!


I loved this long red coat by Shadeth and John Ashfords shoes, its all too die for!


Beautiful blue boots…John Ashford always shocks me in a good way with his designs!


Just Beautiful! 


I love unique shoes with awesome color patterns, these are beautiful!

If you missed out and couldn’t attend then you missed out on an amazing show, the models, designers and food was out of this world! I always try to attend John Ashford’s shows as often as I can and I’m so happy that he invited me to this one, thank you Mr. Ashford – As always it was amazing, sexy, chic, and beautiful. I love to attend these shows and will continue as long as I can. If you’re in the city or can find the time to make it out here, please do I guarantee if will be worth your time and effort to attend. This one was a huge success and the models were so professional and did an amazing job.

I would also like to take moment to thank a few important attendees at the show: Barries House Coffee, DJ Ayce International, and to the lovely Justina (model, singer with a killer look and lovely voice)  – Thank you so much for an exciting show!



NYC in itself can be fun, crazy, and at times unbelievable. I think that today was one of those days and if you weren’t present at The Cutting Room on 44 E. 32nd Street you missed out on a great show. Artist Joey Oso presented us with his Masterful Headpieces made all out of nails, yup you heard it – Nails, you know, the ones that you put in walls. Yes those nails! They were on his headpieces and I was shocked (but in a fabulous way) when I saw them. You needed to be there as it was an amazingly success show with a cool fun vibe to it. If you weren’t in attendance you totally missed out on some crazy headgear created by the talented artist Joey Oso himself, amazing handmade shoes by Authentic by John Ashford and some sexy models that had some creative makeup that made the whole runway show an incredible sight to see. The models also wore amazing vintage clothing styled by Francis Urrutra (her style is really fabulous) and that made the show look phenomenal. But don’t take my word for it let the pictures below speak for themselves….

photo 4

 Joey Oso putting the finishing touches on his designs – these headpieces are amazing aren’t they?

photo 3 These shoes were a hit especially with the models!

J.oso1 1

 Authentic “Joust” Platform heels handmade by John Ashford…. I love them!


Another pair of amazing shoes by Authentic by John Ashford!


I love the way the models stylist Francis Urrutra put this together, it all came out amazing!


Isn’t this headpiece magnificent…I was in awe when I saw the artist Joey open the box up and take it out! There are no words to describe how amazing this work of art really is. Phenomenal Joey, just Phenomenal!


Another amazing work of art….love it!


The back of one of the much detail its truly amazing!


Models wearing Joey Oso’s headpieces and Authentic by John Ashford shoes! Styling done by Francis Urrutra!


Cool Guitar Chandelier at The Cutting Room


Mr. Oso working his magic on one of the models, I still think that headpiece is so amazing!


Look at this outfit and her makeup is amazing!


Artist/Singer Angelica Joni was giving us some emotions to work with…dang she killed it! Her voice was just that good! Girl keep working it, you are so on point!

Tonight Joey Oso put on a kickass show, everything was just to perfection – congrats Joey and thank you for allowing me to cover your event…you really amazed not just me but everyone around you with your art. Thanks also to shoe designer John Ashford for allowing me to experience your amazing talent and see those amazing shoes strutting down that lovely runway…I appreciated every minute of this event. Hope to attend more in the future!

Headpieces: Artist Joey Oso’s Masterful Headpieces



Shoes: Authentic by John Ashford


Stylist: Francis Urrutra

Singer: Angelica Joni



Thank you to the folks at The Cutting Room for a successful night of fun, fashion, music and art!



 Today I am in New York City and fashion week is in full swing, I’m loving it because you can feel it in the air (well at least I did LOL) . Today I attended J. Godfrey’s SS2015 Presentation and boy was it amazing. It wasn’t like a traditional runway show like I thought it would be but to me it was even better. The models wore his designs and were all on a rectangular platform and we got to take as many photos as we wanted to. I really loved this presentation as it let you take a good look at the models and the amazing designs that J. Godfrey put forth for Spring. Every little detail was worth looking at – from the shoes to the accessories and hair, it was all amazing. I loved the way this event was all put together, from the friendly staff, to the beautiful models, to the music which felt so eclectic and fun. I really really enjoyed the music it was different and I love different. But most of all his creative designs were amazing. Check out the pictures below and see how beautiful and chic J. Godfrey’s designs really are. They truly are made for that classy, modern woman who knows what she wants to wear and she wears it well. Let me know what you think…


Love this ensemble


That print and the dress just rocks, love, love, love!


Now this model looks stunning in this zig zag print!


She looking absolutely Tres Chic!


I love her makeup, so soft and beautiful!

I had an awesome time at this show and the concept was really amazing. The music was fun and the models makeup was looking absolutely stunning. Words could not describe the ambience and the vibe I was getting from just being there and experiencing the whole event. Thank you J. Godfrey for the invite and hope to attend more of you amazing fashion events in the future!

Happy Shopping Everyone!