When I think of shoes my mind tends to gravitate towards women’s shoes. Not sure why that happens but its time for me to give some of the guys that are reading or browsing my blog some inspiration to put their shoes to good fashion use.

The ladies have it golden when it comes to shoes because there are after all, millions of possibilities such as styles, heel height, material, colors, and designers we could ever think of.  It almost seems like the shoes business is specifically made for us females – sorry fella’s, I sympathize with your dilemma. But don’t fret, I’m here to bring you a few shoe designs and a full outfit design to give you ideas on how to dress those shoes you’ve been wanting to buy or use and have never quite figured out how to dress it accordingly.

Fella’s this post is for you, enjoy…Love Alice!!


If you have sneakers in your closet, break those out! This is proof that you can wear a sport jacket with sneakers and jeans!


Here’s proof that you can wear shoes without socks….no shame in that game!


This guy has the right idea. Wear a suit and tie but do wear that long jacket to accentuate your shoe game…Fab!!


This guy above is wearing light colors with tassel loafers and of course no socks…see what did I tell ya? Socks are sometimes not a requirement in the men’s department.

Street style - London Collections Men Autumn Winter 2016

Of course, wearing a full Clements and Church suit and tie, London Sock Company socks with a Bera Bera tie and Tassel Loafers does wonders for you also.


Love these double monk strap shoes!!


Last but not least, you can wear a vest over a polo with sockless shoes or you can roll up your pants at the bottom making a minimal cuff with a sport jacket to finally get the look you’ve been seeing in many men’s magazines. It’s all up to you – own it and feel as cool and comfortable wearing your look! I hope I’ve inspired you to look in your closet and break out the wardrobe you’ve been longing to show off –

Till next time..






Its about time…I heard about this collection via close friends of mine who were gawking over it online and I thought …no way is Balmain the brand of chicness collaborating with H&M. I mean come on how unusual is that right?

Well its becoming the norm in the fashion scene. Big designers are now hooking up with corporate brands in order to cater to the younger fashionistas who normally wouldn’t shop in the major designer stores. I don’t know if this would be great for fashion lovers everywhere but I will take it and strut down my chic runway happily.

The name Balmain speaks so much to me. Its classy, sexy, chic and its one brand that will never get old with time. I think Balmain is starting to come of age with the new generations of future fashionistas. Now they can wear a piece of the Balmain collection.

The collection itself is embellished with silk, embroidery, and even beading. This collection looks very sexy and chic to me so let me show you what Balmain has designed for us fashionistas. Hope you like it!


These colors are so beautiful together


The jacket to die for …sequins, sequins and more sequins!


I want this dress ..its stunning!


This is a dream..what wouldn’t I do for this look. I mean, how chic is this?


The pants go very well with these jackets…I want it! Look at those shoes and that sexy clutch!


Yes…love it!


Red is always a fabulous color and it makes these outfits just call to you! Notice the beautiful red clutch on the model (right) and the sexy handle that accentuates the sexy red color!

There you have it, Balmain x H&M are really tugging at our heart strings with this collection. With that said, who’s getting at least one piece from this collection? Let me know, I would love to see your pics!

Happy Shopping my friends!



I know that Spring is far from arriving anytime soon and Fashion Week is long gone. We are all getting back to our much needed normalcy in life and some of us are thinking ahead to the next fashion frenzy. The stress of trying to get to every show possible with out breaking a heel and making sure that you are impeccably dressed even if your uncomfortable is all a blur so now its time to focus on the beauty of what fashion designers have in store for next season.

Today I want to focus on the brand Altuzarra and its Spring Ready to Wear Collection. This season Altuzarra has provided us with long flowy dresses, leather basket weave skirts, tops, dresses and even gingham style seperates but let me not spoil it for you, have a good look for yourself!


I’m not a big fan of Gingham but this wardrobe selection seems to soothe my dislike for that particular fabric!


Not to fond of the neckline on this dress but the fabric is just beautiful, I would dare to wear!


I love this basketweave leather vest its so pretty and different –  I love different!


This ensemble is out of this world amazing…looks Gothic!


Hears that leather basketweave vest in black


Pretty dress and I love the neckline, just wish I was taller to be able to wear such a beautiful dress!


Now this one I can definitely do without looking like I’m wearing a nightgown – (sorry short girl here LOL)! I love the way its paired with a long black short blazer!


Oh yes, I’m in love with this skirt – beautiful!


Now this dress I wouldn’t be able to do but for those that can pull it off Kudos to you girl! So Jealous!


This would be great for my next fashion event, I may just put this on my must have list!


Sexy and figure flattering, my kind of outfit!


Lovely dress with beautiful floral patterns, perhaps this one will be on my have list also. Its really figure flattering and sexy, I love it!

Altuzarra has definitely caught my attention and this Spring is looking mighty lovely. The colors, fabrics and flower patterns are just so figure flattering and chic. For those that can pull off some of these items I’m really jealous of you right now and for those shorter girls like me as you can see we have options. They may not be what we are lusting over on this blog but we do have sexy options that keep us fashionably relevant. I’m happy if I can at least see myself in just a handful of these, hey – that’s better than nothing right? I leave it at that for now and let me know what you think of these Spring fashions, are they your must haves for the season or not really? Comment below!

Happy Shopping my dear friends!



Fendi has always been one of those classic, chic, and timeless labels that have seemed to catch my attention every year. Their designs whether it be Winter, Spring, Summer or Fall are always so stunning and lust worthy. This is surely one label that always without a doubt has me wondering every season, “whats next?” This winter Fendi is surely turning heads and making a beautiful statement. I’m loving it but lets just see what all my lovely readers think about it! Lets take a look at why Fendi is one of my favorites couture labels…


I’m in love, this is my favorite look! 


Winter has never looked so fun and sexy – red is my favorite color!


Besides the models smile which is beautiful, take a look at the her gloves and that fur coat….beautifully put together! 


Ombre Burnt Orange Strappy Boot…Look at that beautiful color – its so different and chic, this is why I love Fendi! 


Love this look, so well put together! 

After seeing Fendi’s Winter collection I am still enamored by the sexiness and the immense collection of chic items that this label has to offer. They have been one of my favorite iconic brands since childhood and I really don’t think thats ever gonna change anytime soon. Fendi has my heart and my wallet to go with it and its one of my fashion addictions. I really don’t think thats ever changing unless Fendi ceases to be and I’m pretty sure they are here to stay and captivate its admirers for years to come. I love it and can’t wait to see whats next for this brilliant fashion label. Whats your favorite Fendi look so far this year?

Hope you enjoyed this post my friends…Happy Shopping!!

Photos: Fendi.com


Fall is here and that means that most designers have already made their collections for this current season. Granted I don’t like the cool, cold weather but when it comes to fashion I’m all for dressing the part wholeheartedly. Today I got an email from the amazing Jimmy Choo and it came packed with his Autumn/Winter 2014 Collection and let me tell you its so amazing. There is plenty of eye candy for the fashionistas this fall and if your not a cold weather lover I can almost bet that with Mr. Choo’s designs you will be. Theres plenty of chic, sexy, fabulous designs for Fall! But don’t take my word for it, check out the pics below…

Jimmy Choo1

Kamaris Ankle Bootie

Jimmy Choo2

Ava Leather Clutch Bag

Jimmy Choo3

Dutchess Pointy Toe Pumps

Houry Pointy Toe Stilletos

Houry Pointy Toe Stilletos

Jimmy Choo4

Blair Satin Leather Tote Bag

Jimmy Choo5

Toucan Pumps with Crystals and Satin Bow

Jimmy Choo6

Estelle Crystal Lace Sunglasses

Jimmy Choo is always fabulous but this season he is more than that he is phenomenal! From feathers to crystals and sunglasses to clutches, I always love his amazing designs as they are so chic and sexy! Now if only there was a way for me to purchased one of each!!! You never know, wishes can come true you know LOL..which one of these pieces are your most coveted? I myself am lusting over those sunnies, Tres Chic!!

Happy Shopping my lovelies!!

 Photos: JimmyChoo.com



Its a little cooler today and I’m feeling a little beside myself because summer is almost on its last leg in my neck of the woods. If you live in a four seasonal weather area like me then its a great excuse to go shopping but if not then your so lucky as you get to use your warm weather duds all year round (Uhh, I’m so jealous of you LOL.)

Today I wanted to bring you some of my ultimate favorite looks for Fall 2014. If you need an excuse to dismiss your self control in  shopping then this is it. Preview these beautiful designs and lose yourself in the jealousy of eye candy, I know I totally did!


Armani Prive: Love the sleeves on this coat!


Atelier Versace: I’m in dress envy mode!


Christian Dior – I want this dress!


Giambattista Valli – that coat!!!


Elie Saab -beautiful!

Zuhair Mirad

Zuhair Murad – This color just jumps out at you, stunning!


Schiaparelli – This look is everything!

Bouchra Jarrar

Bouchra Jarrar – Love the pantsuit, the model looks amazing!


Masion Martin Margiela – So eclectic and fun!


Valentino – this is definitely chic!


Armani Prive – this is a beautiful coat for special occasions but knowing me I would want to wear it everywhere!


Versace Prive – I love the silver details on the dress – so sexy!


Versace Prive – Here’s that blue color again, its beautiful!

I hope that these looks will give you some inspiration and a healthy dose of eye candy envy! I myself would love to buy every single piece I posted but thats very impossible and I gather it would be for most of you also. So for now gather up your thoughts and mix/match a few items and shop for the pieces that you think would be a must have in your closet. If you can’t afford to splurge on a piece take a picture of the items on your shopping trip with you and match it as closely as you can to the original. There are always alternatives to the couture look that you want on the racks, you just have to do some serious searching. If you can’t find the item or just choose not to go through the hassle of fashion searching then you can always do it online. I personally love shopping online than brick and mortar because its always a surprise when that delivery comes in. So go ahead and lose yourself in the thrill of it all, I think its so worth it! Don’t you?

Happy Shopping My Friends!


Alison Houtte, owner of Houte Couture in Brooklyn, NYC

Alison Houtte, owner of Houte Couture in Brooklyn, NYC

I want to retell a story about an amazing lady that perhaps has been told over and over again by most that know who she is. But for those that don’t know her story or are not familiar with my amazing friend then you haven’t really taken a good look at the cover of most magazines and really paid attention to the runways in the much talked about fashion world. Who is she and why should you get to know her? Read on to learn more….

My story starts while on an impromptu trip to my brothers house in Brooklyn, NY. Flatbush Avenue to be exact and its known for its up and coming, forever-changing, storefronts. Today a coffee shop and tomorrow maybe a shoe store, the next week who knows. In my travels to Brooklyn, I had never noticed this as much as when I was there recently. I browsed through several storefronts looking for familiarity but I realized that the Avenue had changed or maybe I wasn’t paying attention as much as I thought I was. Getting off the train at the Barkeley Center and taking a leisurely stroll after a long and well thought out lower Manhattan trip (I love the subway) I slowly walked from one store front to another and there was one particular store that I had passed up the day before as I didn’t think I would like any of the merchandise inside. I happened to have the courage to go in to browse and on this day is when I met the store owner, Alison Houtte. She is an amazing lady with so much energy and happiness that not even the world can contain it – now thats amazing. Heres where I learned about her story and who she really was and quite the story it is!

Alison Houtte is the fabulous owner of an amazing store in Brooklyn called Houte Couture located at 321 Flatbush Avenue in Brooklyn. Her store caters to mens, women’s fashions, and accessories that are vintage. Alison worked as a model for 10 plus years in Paris and Manhattan. She also appeared in such publications as Vogue, Marie Claire, and a Dr. Pepper Commercial just to name a few. Her amazing store has graced the pages of many publications such as WWD (Womens Wear Daily) and NYT (New York Times). Alison together with her sister Melissa Houtte who lives in Miami have co – authored a book called Aligators, Old Mink and New Money: One Woman’s Adventures in Vintage Clothing.  I haven’t read her book yet but from the reviews everyone loves the content and also state that its helpful in understanding how this idea of Vintage works. Most readers also love it because they would love to break into the field of Vintage shop ownership like her and this book helps them get things started. Now thats inspiration! I myself kinda knew what vintage was but didn’t really have a good grasp on it till I walked into her store and saw what the word Vintage really meant. As I browsed her racks upon racks and racks of clothing I thought – Good Lord, if this is what Vintage is all about then sign me up because I’m loving it.. I even winded up buying a short jacket and a scarf pictured below, can’t wait to wear them when I get back to work!

Short coat that I purchased at Houte Couture, I love the soft fabric!

Short coat that I purchased at Houte Couture, I love the soft fabric!


This jacket looks blue above but its an actual pretty grayish color – love these buttons too! The fabric is a soft corduroy which I’m in love with!

Rounded Lapels...so vintage indeed!

Rounded Lapels…so vintage indeed!

Not sure what label this jacket comes from but who cares its beautiful - thank you Alison!!

Not sure what label this jacket comes from but who cares its beautiful – thank you Alison!!

Her store is amazing and if theres one place that I recommend to go browse and shop its called of course, Houte Couture. I guarantee you will find something you love there and you will be back for more. From the day that I stepped in this fabulous store, I was hooked and there was no turning back! Check out the pictures below of her amazing store, whats not to love about it – its just fabulous and her staff that works there are also helpful and kind. You won’t be disappointed and you like I will be asking yourself, why didn’t I know about this place earlier? More pics below….

Meet the beautiful Alison Houtte, owner of Houte Couture!

Meet the beautiful Alison Houtte, owner of Houte Couture!


If you haven’t read this book, you gotta get it – the reviews on it are just amazing! I need to get my hands on a copy of this ASAP!

Jewelry, fabulous Jewelry - If your into Jewelry she has that too!

Jewelry, fabulous jewelry – If your into jewelry she has that too!

love the way this mannequin is accessorized!

Closer look at the half bust mannequin and you can see that her accessories are so unique! Again my urge to buy was really telling me spend, spend, spend!


Cute top and accessories…God I love it!

You need sunglasses, she has that too!

You need sunglasses, she has that too!

She even has more than just clothes those hats are everything!

She even has more than just clothes, check out those hats aren’t they everything!

More accessories and watches!

Accessories, beautiful pearls and watches!

More shoes and accessories, I have so many shoes I had to resist the urge to buy!

More shoes and accessories, I have so many shoes I had to resist the urge to buy!


Love those orange glasses, so chic!

Houte Couture is an amazing place and you will get lost in the immense amount of merchandise that she has on the racks and any little nook and space of the store. Don’t be afraid to go in and browse, take as much time as you need and don’t be afraid to ask for help. Her and her staff are friendly and they will help you as much as they can. So go ahead and stop by – oh and say hello to Alison for me and tell her that I sent you! Happy Vintage Shopping!!!


Authentic "Golden Crunch" wedges made by John Ashford - photo by John Ashford

Authentic “Golden Crunch” wedges made by John Ashford – Photo: John Ashford

Nyc is the mecca for all kinds of hobbies and activities known to us humans. It is also known for its great backdrops for photography enthusiasts, fashion designers, artists and whatever other hobbies or professions you can think of. Stroll through the city just getting off of a train or bus and you can see these influences everywhere you look. It isn’t that hard to get inspired, your passion for whatever sparks your interest will be bombarded by the sights and sounds and you’ll want to delve right into whatever it is that your interested in or want to know a little more about it. Such is what has happened to me and I have been fortunate meet a few people that are professional in their particular artistic field  – Shoe designer (John Ashford of Authentic by John Ashford – I’m a huge shoe lover), photographer (Steven Bagley) and videographer (Steven Taitt).

As we headed out to the location of the photoshoot I had several questions lingering in my head. Would this photographer get along with me, someone who had no idea of what a photoshoot even was or looked like ? Would he be snobbish or conceited in any way? All those pressing questions and my negative perception of all professional photographers was unfounded! Enough said!

I was soon afterward introduced to Steven Bagley in his Nyc studio and he wasn’t one of “those” photographers. He is an amazing individual who is humble and so easy going. He interacted with me, joked around and even offered us several food items to eat which was a nice gesture on his part since he didn’t have to in the first place but he did and it was highly appreciated by all of us. This man made everyone feel comfortable and friendly. Even the models that were at the shoot Svetlana and Karin were comfortable when given instructions by him. He’s just that fabulous and together with Shoe designer John Ashford’s ideas and Steven Taitt the Videographer this trio worked their magic and pulled this amazing shoot off and made it look so easy. Trust me it was hours of work but so gratifying! Check out the pictures below and go visit John Ashford at his site: http://www.authenticbyjohnashford.com to order and see his collection of amazing handmade shoes.

Samoilova wearing Authentic "Green Tea" pumps made by John Ashford

Samoilova wearing Authentic “Green Tea” pumps made by John Ashford


Svetlana and Karin posing for Steven Bagley with Authentic by John Ashford “Green Tea” pumps and “Charlottes Web” wedges


John Ashford making sure that the shoe fits…Notice the other amazing pair of shoes that are nearby. Lord, they’re gorgeous!


An Authentic handmade collection of Shoes made by John Ashford


Karin wearing those fabulous “Golden Crunch” Wedges handmade by John Ashford of Authentic by John Ashford…Wow this picture came out amazing – those are a beautiful pair of magnificent shoes! Photo: Steven Bagley, Stylist: John Ashford

Svetlana steaming up photoshoot, Lord she is amazingly photogenic!

Svetlana steaming up the photoshoot, Lord she is amazingly photogenic! Shoes: “Rock Cheetah” platforms made by Authentic by John Ashford. Steven Bagley is amazing!


Time to try on those beautiful handmade shoes!

Steven Taitt, Svetlana and shoe designer John Ashford showing photographer Steven Bagley how its done!

Steven Taitt, Svetlana and shoe designer John Ashford showing photographer Steven Bagley how its done!

Lets take a closer look at those shoes, shall we?

Lets take a closer look at those shoes, shall we? Amazing!

An angel that just got her wings!

An angel that just got her wings and a pair of amazingly hot shoes!

This is what happens in between shots, time for an Authentic by John Ashford break

This is what happens in between shots, time for an Authentic by John Ashford break

Steven Bagley working his magic behind the lens

Steven Bagley working his magic behind the lens

Behind the scenes look at  how the prepping is done for various shots

Behind the scenes look at how the prepping is done for various shots!

Svetlana wearing Authentic "Ndeble Night" suede platforms made by John Ashford. Photo: Stephen Bagley, Stylist: John Ashford - www.authenticbyjohnashford.com

Svetlana wearing Authentic “Ndeble Night” suede platforms made by John Ashford. Photo: Stephen Bagley, Stylist: John Ashford – http://www.authenticbyjohnashford.com

Many people may seem to think that photoshoots are fun and easy, yes they can be fun but it’s all about capturing the moment and why your actually there. For all of us: it was photographing these beauties wearing Authentic by John Ashford Shoes which Steven Bagley did an amazing job at it. For me, it was assisting in any way I could and soaking in as much of this once in a lifetime experience as I could possibly take in. All in all it was a win win for everyone and most of all the lovely models seemed to feel comfortable in their own skin and have fun at the shoot! John Ashford had several amazing ideas at the photoshoot, it was amazing how one idea led to another and it all came out so beautiful in pictures. Let the pictures above speak for themselves and show how much fun and amazing the shoes came out in this photoshoot – once again, thank you John Ashford, Steven Bagley and Steven Taitt for an amazing experience. Hope to attend another one of these amazing photoshoots with these amazing individuals in the near future.

Steven Bagley, John Ashford and Me...had so much fun thanks everyone!

Steven Bagley, John Ashford and Me…had so much fun thanks everyone!